All of the Weapons and Armor's that have been made unobtainable 😳

You all know Vesteria is a pretty decently aged game, with all of its age there has been some weapons and armors that have been added but also removed from shops and are only gettable through trading.
I will now list all of those items and some of them are quite rare as they are now ungettable and sell for a much bigger amount!


Ranging Gear

The Ranging Gear’s stats:

  • 70 Defense
  • 22 Ranged Attack

The Ranging Gear is a piece of hunting equipment that improves bow performance but offers little protection.


If you know any more armor sets or weapons that are now ungettable respond to this thread with the weapon/armors name and I’ll check it out as the list is just made out of items I actually know

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im pretty sure you get snel helm from trading shells to the girl above shiprock bottom

so my red-dyed red tier ranging gear cost alot?

technically, yes. the issue is, ranging gear is useless late game since it literally only gives +22 dmg, so it has become a collectors item.

Change ungettable to unobtainable maybe, besides that I love your post, great job :smile:

she was removed was she not?

yea I know it’s pretty useless
but still it was my ranging gear that I bought for the second time from early beta so it’s super special to me

no, she was just relocated to the small island above Shiprock bottom, she still gives out the quest and everything.

Rav, please Dm me on discord about your posts, I love your topics.


what, why and when

I like how you go into depth, and. Now? I’m busy so im not on discord but yeah.

didnt really go into depth but ok

Dude, you had a picture in your post, thats just epic B-)

Nope, Shelly is still on her little beach. Snel Helm is still obtainable. @PaoloGamer16 @RavenousPain

what matters is that she’s still there. Also, if you mean little beach as that small sand patch next to the sunken ship where she has the two chairs, parasol, and towel, that’s exactly what I meant

Yeah. It’s officially called a beach.
Shelly is also kinda close to it.
She fills our inventories with useless crap so she doesn’t have to give us good stuff like scrolls or Snel Helms.

Wait, ranging gear is unobtainable??? I just sold mine… to a merchant…

yep they arent sold at the hunter store anymore because they are “over powered”

Pirate hat is unob as well i believe