(All known hidden chest for VesteriA demo)

  1. this chest can be located under the bride to the castle and it gives a godly amount of
    5 silver dont spend it in one place

  2. to the right of spawn there is a tree house under it there is a mushroom that you bounce on to get up onto the tree house once there go in and there is a chest you will scrolls to upgrade you’re weapons


to find this chest once you spawn go around the lake and there should be a cave entrance once you go in there is a chest when you open it you obtain a fishing rod

i hope this was specific enough sorry for the bad grammar to.:slight_smile:

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[Patch 1.1.1(.5)] Ooooo Shinyyy! (Guide to Chests) My guide to chests has an uh, guide to all 6 chests in the demo if u want to look at it.
I like the pics btw!

are they in the demo?

did you read between the lines?

Look in the category that says Vesteria Demo