All Important locations

This will show you where everything is, I’ll update this with week 16 next time!

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It Is Very Quiet. Can Barely Hear You.

Rip sound quality was fine in my original play back

Aw, so you can’t hear my whispering voice of wisdom in the background then can you

You Also Have A Lot Of Static Which Is Louder Than You.

Still a great video and gide for newer players love it!! :+1::+1:

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It’s a good video guide but the only problem I see with it is that your level 24, and newer players may get distracted by your cool weapons and abilities.

Remember Since It Is A Video, People Can Easily Re-Wind The Video. They Don’t Have To Watch The Entire Thing And Start From The Start Again.

Thank you Kanye, very cool

I’m glad for all your opinions I’ll try to take this feed back to make a better video for next week when there are more things