All fangus lawn dialogue options atm

i dont think many people even know this dude exists which is kind of the main reason i made this
but heres his dialogue too

its gyazo
only 7 seconds so youll have to pause

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thanks for the heads up but i don’t see how this is pertinent information to your mushroom problem mr.lawn

very epic

Testers get to test it!?
Testers finally get to do something

it’s probably just a placeholder until they make his normal dialog.

they shouldn’t change it because technically it’s still accurate, just not pertinent

then again i guess if there is special loot players should probably know about that

since fangus lawn uses the exact same scripts as mangus khan, we’re able to test it, but

(for one, I don’t think wave 8 has even been completed)

huh i wonder whats been going on for the past couple days after shipwreck dropped

well wave 7 is impossible so

waves will still progress even if the mobs are still alive, so as long as you survive wave 7 then its possible

but im sure the goal will be to protect something. like NPCs or something.

if it were to simply survive that would be easy-- just leave the area.

wave 7 just breaks lol, but the waves are amazing for getting levels.

lol noob
Wave 7 is easy

its literally impossible to beat but ok

where is he ???

easy to die to u mean

it is
just because there isnt a wave 8 doesnt mean you didn’t beat wave 7

I went in once and nothing spawned so I left.

Bawk! (wow reusing models big smh lazy devs why dont they just give the guy a mushroom hat)

Was waiting for someone else to notice him