Ain't I'm Extremely Lucky

So after I got into a server alone, I had went and killed a few Scarecrows and THIS MONSTER SHOWS UP. A Supergiant Scarecrow.

I had took down this thing alone and here was the EXP:
18480 Exp.
Any lucky moments you had in Vesteria?

It appears your chicken is a communist dictator.


Giga Giant Goblin spawned in one of my servers once. It looked like Meta.

I approve of chicken

I once fought a super giant snelly on my own, was pretty epic!

I am home now.

A giant just spawned in the Server I am in alone rn

Got 16k xp from a super giant batty while 6 other people were fighting it

THe luckiest I got in vesteria, was back then when SQR wasn’t a thing, and for 5 days in a row I got spider weapons from her. But the luckiest drops I got in one day from her was, 2 royal fangs, 1 spider dagger, 2 spider essence, and arachnid armor. Of course that was huge back then b/c there was no dungeon

Hold up, did you say… Lucky!?



i got 2 spider bows and an arachnid armor in one drop

when i got spider crown but sold it for super low

Another lucky thing happens to me today. When I got on sewers a lure party was going on for Battys and I leveled up from level 25 to level 27 on mage within 10 minutes. Also, there was 4 giants and 1 super giant.

why arent u max yet

I mean, there’s a guy named “Luckky_Ducky” right there soooo…

I did get max on my warrior above from farming scarecrows, but my Mage is still level 27.


I joined a sewer server and in that server, a guy placed like 5 lures in the ratty area.

what da f
wow that is helpful lmao