Aiming abilities not aiming

I have some bugs here unfortunately ;(

The Rock Toss, Magic Bomb, Zap, and Mage basic attack DO NOT AIM. Even when I’m extremely close to enemies, it just goes, like, behind me. What I mean is, when I attack/use a ability, even if there is a monster right in front of me, it will go, say, just to the right of the monster. This happens 95% for the bomb and zap, 85% for basic attack, and 15% for rock toss.

@Meta I’m still a bit new here, am I doing this right?

im not meta but you don’t want to vote for your own topic

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also can you provide an example of this because rock toss, magic bomb, zap, and mage basic attack seems to aim fine to monsters for me

like post a gif or a video

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I can’t post gif

read what i said

He’s new to the forums so he can’t post any media.

i see

Welcome to Vesteria mobile rookie!

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More activity and you can do everything, do not be discouraged, this is temporary for everyone;)
Alternatively, you can print the link through imgur for example, it will not be clicked, but it can be inserted into the browser line and see your content.