Aight aight berezaa aight i see what you doin for deleting slots aight fam how bout this

aight aight how bout this fam
when you try to delete the slot its gonna give you a warning, and then again, and then when you try to delete it again, it puts the slot into a sleep state which you can wake up again. if it cross a certain amount of time, the character sleeps forever, or in other words, die forever and cannot be played again,
for example.
lets say that i have a level 50 adventurer in slot 3, make it so when you delete it, you need to wait 5 days and then slot 3 would be empty, or if i have a level 30, then i would need to wait 3 days, if its under level 10 you would need to wait 2 hours.
please consider this

-sincerely, the level 30 adventurer noob

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or, using your idea, the savefile you delete will go in a recycling bin. if you go to the recycling bin, you can get back that save, OR make a new savefile