(again...) When do you think the update is coming?

  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • Sometime this weekend
  • Next week

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Be honest with your voting, I’m patiently waiting for the update as well as all of you and I’d like to know when you all think its coming, as berezaa hasn’t said a word about it since he said he would release it last Friday/Saturday. Or, was he talking about this Friday/Saturday?

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In 1000 years…

Ok, jokes aside. I think it’s coming tomorrow or Saturday.

Yeah, hopefully, the update comes tomorrow or even today. The ave. player count is really declining. Used to be around 80 at this time (4:00 EST), but now its only 15.

Edit: but no yeah it kinda sucks at this point

I hope they never again have to delay an update this long, and especially only announcing the delay once then delaying again without an announcement. Plan out a little bit better on the “Planned for this patch” on the trello if they are planning to implement features that will take longer than expected.

Actually they did say it was going to be delayed. Ber said that because of the fires and unhealthy smoke, he was not sure if they would finish things in time. I am also eagerly waiting for the update but doing these polls won’t make a difference.

I know it wouldn’t make a difference, I just want to see how wrong all of us will be when it doesn’t release :joy:

If you would have polled “sometime this next year” I would have voted on that… :laughing:


When the update is coming my guess is when i’m dead.