After level 50 mastery quests

So after we get level 50 mastery quests, most of our sub-classes’ skills will be maxed out. I thought of a cool idea that can be earned for players above level 55, and that is a mentor system.

It would be cool to have certain mentors hidden in some of the maps, that offer a new skill book to the players. There would be 2 skills that can be learned from these mentors, one being a passive and the other being an active skill. It would also be cool if some mentors only taught players sub-class was similar to their beliefs. (A mentor who believes in Terul only allows classes related to Terul, like Warlocks, to learn their skills.)

Physical damage mentor: Teaches you a passive that teaches the player to infuse their weapon with mana, making ONLY physical damage attacks deal more damage. The second skill would be an active skill, and when activated the player creates a shell of mana around the player reducing 15% of incoming physical damage.

Magic damage mentor: Teaches you a passive that infuses their weapons with mana that ONLY increases magic damage. The second skill, being an active skill, surrounds the player with an aura of mana that deals damage to anyone inside of it.

Shadow Mana mentor: (Terul only) Teaches the player a skill that applies weakness on a mob with any attack. Weakness would make the mob take 10% more damage in total. An active skill that can be taught would cost health from the player, but makes a pool of shadowy mana that stops enemies from moving in that area for some time.

Blessed Mana Mentor: (Vesra Only) Teaches the player to emit a light from their weapons, every 5th basic attack a small slash of light that sends out. The second skill would be an active skill that half the player’s max mana, making them invincible to damage for 4 seconds, but unable to attack for that time.

Some form of this has already been planned for a long time :slight_smile:

Subclass Mastery Quests are coming.


This could be after mastery, but before the advancements at level 70 you said earlier. I thought these would be kinda cool, giving even more difference in play style. (P.S. Thank you for looking my idea in the first place :smiley:)

Would you be able to learn from multiple mentors? Also, would you be able to learn multiple moves from a mentor? Like for example, could you have learnt from the shadow mana mentor and both skills from the physical damage mentor?

Id probably say only one mentor, but If I was a dev, I would make a game pass that allows players to have 2 mentors.

What about amount of skills you could learn?
Could you learn both the passive and active skills from a mentor? Btw I feel that the infusing of mana around the weapon to increase damage should be an active skill

You could have both skills per mentor, and skills could be upgradeable, even the passives.

The fact that infusing your blade in mana is a passive skill bothers me. Wouldn’t that mana have to come from somewhere? For example, from you? Maybe makes it so you get a boost in damage (1.5x?) for maybe about 10seconds(?) which takes a lot of mana (maybe the equivalent of a third to half of a lvl 30’s max mp if they were to not put any stat points into mp ) and has a long cool down time (30s?)

Yussss. With any luck I’ll be high enough level to do them at that point (maybe as soon as I max out my Subclass; currently level 28, planning to go Ranger).