AFK auto-clicking is stupid :P

Edit: You’re all fired!

Yes @Polymorphic already replied to someone asking this question; His response was that it was allowed for now but they have the right to change their stance.

. . . ok den I guess . . .

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Heres the Post Afk leveling allowed?

But I wouldnt recommend it after what @berezaa said in this post What was the point of the exp update? (Second from the bottom).

ok. I wasn’t planning on doing it just trying to get these ppl to stop somehow T_T

Autoclicking enemies while AFK is not allowed. We will implement checks to prevent this, and if the problem gets too bad we might punish cheaters.


Ok thanks, are you allowed to auto-click while you are talking to people in chat or just no auto clicking what-so-ever?

You should just make it so the enemies don’t agro onto players who aren’t moving

I Remember A Clicker Game Decided To Check If People Click At The Same Inteval. This Would Destroy Auto-Clickers, Though Macros Then May Get Used.