Advice for begginers!

1)save your cash. save up some cash for the higher level weapons and gear so you don’t have to grind extra when you decide to buy a new gear.
2)don’t waste skill points. at level 10 you can choose 3 classes: Mage; Warrior and Rouge.

mages should put majority (not all points) into INT for +max mana and mana regen.
Warriors should invest points into STR and VIT since they are meant* to be big tanks that can take a punch and stand on the front lines
Hunter should invest into STR and DEX since they are meant* to be quick and deadly killers
if you don’t want to think too much into the classes and what they are supposed* to do you can just put everything into STR for more attack damage.

3)don’t try to kill enemies higher level than you. just don’t, it isn’t a smart choice (most of the time) and you will just suffer because killing enemies that can kill you in 1,5 hits isn’t fun for some reason
4)save your scrolls. always save your scrolls from higher level weapons so you don’t have to waste extra cash to get more scrolls (sidenote: never trust 10% scrolls unless you want to lose an upgrade slot or have enough cash for a backup weapon)

*- this is my opinion and how I think the class is ‘‘meant’’ to be played
these are all the tips for new players I have, for now, maybe I will have more after “week 15” playtest


feel free to post any tips you have for new players

So You Know It Is Called Hunter Not ‘Rouge’.

I get to play once a week and I chose warrior so uhh… no? I changed it to rouge so thanks for the correction!

Where should I put my skill points for adventurers? Like permanent Adventurer, not first 9 levels.

nice i’ll use this info

The only advice I can really give is to have patience and grind.

I don’t believe saving up your money is too important, once you get to crabs and start farming them consistently, cash will come flowing in and you wont be short on it.

Also IMPORTANT TIP: At level 2, ALWAYS purchase double slash for adventurer, it’ll make farming 2x easier.

Agreed! Since At First I Got Rock Throw Then Regen Then Double Slash, I Was Slow To Level Up Early Game.

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