Adventures great adventure series Episode 4 Part 1

make sure to read Part 1 Episode 3 and Part 2 Episode 3 make sure to reads it!

Episode 4: Raiders problem part 1

Alan’s knocks Kyle door and Kyle is in a bad mood right now

Alan: Uhh hello Kyle?
Kyle: Leave me alone you imbecile Warrior I’m not in mood talking with you!
Alan: How you know I’m a Warrior?
Kyle: I heard your conversation with Viona, just leave me alone
Alan: Uhh I’m here to pick Dorian’s order
Kyle: oh that eye patch Hunter guy uh okay you can get in, sorry for saying a bad thing you…

*Alan’s enter the door and see a guy with a burned robe and burned face

Alan: Woah… what’s happening?
Kyle: It’s a just big mess *cough cough…
Alan: Uhh okay?..
Kyle: I just put a wrong ingredient that’s all…
Alan: I need to be fast right now and where are the potions
Kyle: At back just take it and leave my property!
Alan: Alright Kyle…
Kyle: You don’t use a horse?
Alan: Uhhh I just got a punishment from them so I cant use a horse…
Kyle: Alright then, anyway what’s your name Warrior?
Alan: Alan Phillips. call me Alan
Kyle: Alright Alan now go!

*Alan leave the enchanted forest and take the cart full of potion by himself


Dorian: Hey Elli look!
Elli: Eatable rune?
Dorian: Yea I heard edible rune are more effective than destroy type rune…
Elli: that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard on Fidelio newspaper…
Dorian: maybe, I see alot of stupid news on Nilgarf newspaper than Fidelio newspaper

*Lieutenant Vanessa come and talked to them

Lieutenant Vanessa: Elli. Dorian, please take care of our camp from rubees or other danger, I and the cadets will go to Port Fidelio and help Admiral Hugo on fixing our ship

Dorian: Ay!
Elli: Alright Mrs!

15 minutes later

*Elli sees some people wearing bandanna riding horses
Elli: Umm Dorian?

*someone at her back taking her down

Elli: Uckk Dor! cukkk…

Dorian: Elli? Nah my mind just mess up, just read and relax…

*A moment after that…

Bandit Leader: Give up or your I stab your girlfriend!
Dorian: she is my sister moron!
Bandit1: Give up and give us your money or I stab your sister!
Dorian: Here 50S! enough?
Bandit Leader: Not enough!
Dorian: How about a fight?
Bandit: She will die in our hand!
Dorian: Alright I gave up…

they both tied together with their mouth taped

Bandit 1: got anything?
Bandit 2: Nah I don’t find any single loot
Bandit 3: What we will do with this hunters?
Bandit Leader: We use them to make the leader pays us money
Bandit 4: So what’s your plan?

-to be continued

note: this story is not canon to Vesteria and sorry for my grammar mistake
leave a suggestion if you feel there is something off to my story


Woo edible runes!

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Woah edible stones!

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Yay, and it taste good!