Adventurer Sub Class: Super Adventurer

to Starting off English isn’t my first language, sry if I botch a few sentences.

A question that people may ask.

Why give anything at all for a Adventurer?

Playing as a classless isn’t something that only happens in Vesteria.

Two popular games back in the 2000s the games being Ragnarok and Maplestory had players playing with the starting class without choosing a class.

Ragnarok after a while made a subclass for the Novice once you got to lv 70 as a Novice (starting class) called supernovice.

Maplestory didn’t had a subclass for the beginner (starting class) but had a few exclusive weapons that only Beginners could use with very high dmg since beginner didn’t had a attack skill also had a lot of equipment that all class could use.

So here I am giving a Idea how the Vesteria Team could add something for the Adventurer class that would fit the Adventurer being a Starting class. The regular classes/subclass Mage,Warrior,Assassin/Ranger would still be stronger than the Adventurer Subclass, but at very least the Adventurer kinda would have a fighting chance.

Super Adventurer

Once you reach lv 40 as a Adventurer you unlock a quest called ‘’who’s the champ’’ located in the mushroom forest.

Located in the Mushroom Grotto entrance after you reach lv 40 as a adventurer you have a familiar face there as new npc (CHAD)

You talk to chad he will congratulate you for getting to lv 40 as a adventurer. He also challenges you for a wrestling match.

You get teleported to a wrestling ring with a bunch of baby shrooms around the ring to watch your match (boss fight) against The Legendary Chad.

Once you beat Chad you become a Super Adventurer. He gives you two exclusive weapons that only Super Adventurer can use and you can learn 4 new skills.

The Super Adventurer can equip 2 weapons on his slots similar to assassin/ranger. The second weapon that you can equip in the second slot needs to be a ranged weapon called Slingshot .

Super Adventurer Exclusive Weapons

Keep in mind that all the numbers here is to illustrate my idea obviously would need test to balance the stats.

‘’Shroom Decorated Stick’’ Good old Stick, name a more iconic weapon to be the Super Adventurer Exclusive weapon. The weapon would look the same as the regular stick but decorated with shrooms.

Lv requeriment: 40

5 Stars

Weapon attack: 160

Drawback: Reduce your attack speed (swing) by 40%

Weapon special/property: Helicopter Elbow Drop DMG Increased by 1.1x

‘’Slingshot’’ this weapon berezaa talked about a few months ago about a slingshot that throws rocks. Here’s my take on such weapon on how would work.

Lv requirement: 40

5 Stars

Weapon Attack: 110

Weapon Special/Property: Super Rock Throw DMG Increased by 1.1x


Last Resort: this skill have no cooldown.You can toggle ON/OFF

Your character ‘’plays dead’’ laying in the ground without being able to use any other skill or heal/mana being immune against every attack/skill that deals ‘’instant’’ dmg. The Knight Taunt counter this skill making the Super Adventurer Attacks the Knight also, skills like poison stills do dmg on the Super Adventurer that uses this skill.

Running for your life: Increase your walkspeed by 6 for 10 seconds. Skill cooldown 15 sec.

every class have a movement skill so I think this skill would fit perfectly for The Super Adventurer.

Super Rock Throw: this is a passive skill that can only be used with the weapon Sling shot equipped Works like arrows.

This skill dmg increase with Str.

Dex Increase the amount of Rocks that your slingshot Throws.

30 Dex = 2 Rocks

50 Dex= 3 Rocks

70 Dex= 4 Rocks

Helicopter Elbow Drop: You ‘’ inherit’’ the Iconic move that Chad Uses.

Deals massive DMG.

This skill would be good in PVE but kinda Useless in pvp unless someone get stunned because the skill animation makes this skill easy to dodge.

I may be beating a dead horse but you never knows with Vesteria.

Let me know what you guys think .

a rock specialist

Really nice idea, but ive made a post about this already and people there told me bere already shot the idea down :pensive: