Adventurer Skills Upgrades

You guys know-how all the new skills and passive skills increase or do more damage etc depending on how much you have on a certain stat? Well, how about we add that system to the adventurer skills as well?

My Idea’s for the upgrades of adventurer skills:

  1. Regeneration:
    • Strenght: Won’t affect regeneration at all.
    • Vitality: 30 VIT would make “Regeneration” into “Efficient Regeneration” making you regenerate twice as much health and 50 VIT would make “Regeneration” / and or “Efficient Regeneration” into “Super Regeneration” making you regenerate health thrice as much!
    • Dexterity: 30 DEX would make “Regeneration” regen twice as fast.
    • Intelligence: 30 INT would make “Regeneration” last 0.5x longer.
      50 INT would make “Regeneration” last 1.5x longer.
  2. Rock Throw:
    • Strength: 20 STR would make “Rock Throw” be 0.5x bigger than it normally is,
      50 STR would make “Rock Throw” be 1.3x bigger than it normally is and 70 STR would turn “Rock Throw” Into “Boulder Throw” making you pick a giant boulder from the ground (0.5x startup time), would be 3-5x bigger than a normal “Rock Throw” and would have a slightly small ground slam where it lands.
    • Vitality: Won’t affect “Rock Throw” at all.
    • Dexterity: 20 Dex would make you throw “Rock Throw” slightly faster (normal speed if using a “Boulder Throw”) and 50 Dex would make you throw 3 rock’s instead of 1 (But If you have “Boulder Throw” the 50 Dex modifier won’t do nothing).
    • Intelligence: Won’t affect “Rock Throw” at all.
  3. Magic Missiles: (None of these would work if you are using the Astral Wand)
    • Strenght: 50 STR would give “Magic Missiles” a small explosion after they hit.
    • Vitality: Won’t affect “Magic Missle” at all.
    • Dexterity: 30 DEX would male “Magic Missiles” shoot 0.5x faster.
    • Intelligence: 20 INT would make “Magic Missiles” 0.5x stronger and 50 INT would make “Magic Missles” 1.3x stronger.

That is basically my list of all the things that should happen with the adventurer skills as some of them can be really useful if you use them right (and if they would have actual better usage the more stats you have).
Any of these multiplier numbers can easily change and even if this would become a thing the Dev’s know better than me in giving what multiplier each skill should have for balance reasons.

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Pretty sure bere said if you had 100 str rock throw would be a boulder throw but not sure what happened to that

100 str, 70 str, who cares :flushed: I just want to yeet a giant boulder

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Good idea, adventurers need more love

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There ya go m8

Rock Throw has been confirmed to turn into RockCall at some point if you put enogh str points or something. So Sorcerer earthcall will probably be changed into something better.