Adventurer progression idea

I got ideas for adventurer progression

so we all know once adventurer gets to lvl 10 its kinda bad so i got across this ideas in my mind.

Since stick is bad here we go:

Trainer: Adenventurer combat trainer

Location: Nilgarf safe global pvp zone

Teachs us combat dealing dmg with punch (starting)

Passive: Leg combat


Elbow breaker: strong attack that slows enemy attack speed for a small period of time.

Punch barrage: 5 punches in a row dealing a considerable amount of dmg

Kick: does a kick : ) (maybe knock back)

Lvl 30

If there is a sub class i cloud only think about one


Ki punch : removes a small amount of your hp in order to do a stronger punch envolved in vital energy (stack with vit?)

Monks pride: have dmg reduction by 65% (5 secs)

Ground smash: Strong kick on the ground (aoe) that deals considerable dmg

For armour and stuff i couldn’t think about anything

But for weapon there is none but only maybe hand wraps crafted out of boss materials to buff stats (give perks) depending on boss

this is a pretty good idea! good job

Berezaa confirmed that adventurer will never have a subclass, its been asked for before.

I don’t think Adventurer needs anything more than non-class exclusive items. It isn’t really meant to be played beyond level 10, anyway.

Can confirm, i asked for this awhile back as well and it was shot down along with any other former attempts :pensive:

I really don’t think adventurer should have a subclass. The whole point of people only playing it is that it is unique in its not having special moves. If adventurer is getting buffed, it should just have more weapons available, and higher max skill points.

I think a monk class would be pretty interesting.

At the moment there isn’t really a dedicated stun class. (Earthcall sorcerers don’t count) Your ideas aren’t too balanced, but I’d love to see a class thematically centered around being a monk!

You are supposed to get a Faction when you reach level 10, if you do not get a faction, you will not get skills.

If you choose not to get a faction, you will not get any abilities.

The only reason why being a max adventurer is so amazing now is because it’s pretty much Vesteria on hard mode, you’ve thrown away any chance of using any ability except for your original adventurer abilities.

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Monk would remove all your hair and force you to only eat vegetarian food

One punch man mode