Adventurer Perks/Upgrade

(Please excuse my bad grammar ,writing ,and spelling)

After watching a certain anime ,and other posts on the fourms I feel like there should be a special perk/upgrade for players who decide to remain an adventurer after reaching level 10.

Players who decide to remain an adventurer unlock a new adventurer perk called skill learning. An adventurer could learn skills from the factions and subclasses. To learn a new skill perhaps the player could do special quests to gain the faction leader or subclass trainers respect .To pervent adventurers from being op any learned skill will be 30-50% weaker than the original skill.

The adventurer could have a limit of the possible skills he/she can learn to prevent Adventurers from being op . Adventurers can only learn one skill from every faction and subclass .Either that or Adventurers can get some kind of copy skill.

I feel like adventurers past level 10 should be like an all packaged deal capable of all roles offensive,defensive and suppotive.

Of course if this were ever to be added to the game this incourages more adventurer gear aswell.

Im pretty sure one of the devs confirmed that there wont be anything for adventurer after level 10

i feel like this could apply for hunter,mages,warriors

excluding the less damage part and the drawback of only being able to choose 3 skills

i mean a drawback of only being able to choose 3 skills

sk3 mentioned on the disc that he wanted more high tier adventurer weapons.

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ohh i never heard about that but thats epic i guess

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I like the idea of more Aventurer gear (I’m working on levelling an Adventurer alt, it’s gonna take years because the gear is impossibly weak). Debating trying to full-cursed the best adventurer stuff obtainable. Torn between grinding for Cursed Scrolls and grinding for Holy Scrolls to full-ancient-vit a Fierce Auktufiti’s Ballista (imagine the power).
In case you’re wondering what drops ancient vit, it’s the spider queen.

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