Adventurer Ability Buffing

So, I have been testing Adventurer Abilities, and it seems like maxing out Regeneration is a complete waste because it STILL heals up to 50 HP no matter WHAT it is upgraded to. If there is nothing scripted in to what percentage of HP it regenerates when used, I suggest:

1/5 - 15%
2/5 - 20%
3/5 - 30%
4/5 - 40%
5/5 - 50%

Though to keep it balanced, the skill will only last longer, but not regenerate faster. It will regenerate more HP based on your max HP.

Rock Throw seems pretty good, but it just seems useless if it is not upgraded to 3/5. I do about 177 - 202 damage against an Elder Shroom, and a Rock Throw deals around 183 - 204 damage, so it is barely a difference (I’m mostly invested in STR atm). Rock Throw should really be buffed, considering it takes a good chunk of MP for just hitting one mob with the damage of a basic attack.

I’m personally opposed to doing this because buffing abilities to heal percentage of HP make priests less effective and make potions useless as well. The way it works now is effective for early game players, but becomes less effective later on and emphasizes potion use and having a priest in your party.


yeah it makes sense from a design perspective

Oh, yeah. I see, Adventurer is supposed to be a weaker “class,” doesn’t have any real viable skills as you go higher in levels. But the main issue is that upgrading Regeneration doesn’t provide any benefits at all.

I buffed Regeneration already from what its at right now, going from 50 at all ranks to 50/55/60/65/70 from rank 1 to 5 with a flat 10 second cooldown.

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