Adressing the necrobumping issue

Recently ive been noticing alot of old topics being randomly necrobumped, after seeing about 5 of these ive noticed its the person every time, noxturnum.

After being banned twice this user still hasnt stopped, and he seems to be enjoying it.
Is there anything that can be done about this?

Ip ban time

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That might be a bit much.

I feel now is the time to point out that just because you post on a 3 month old topic does not mean it’s bad necrobumping. It’s only bad if the topic is now irrelevant, but if the topic is still relevant (like a new feature request or gameplay mechanic) it may be alright to necrobump it.

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You’re forgetting the countless times he as necrobumped posts that have literally ascended to the heavens already. He holds the record for an 11 month old necrobump btw. He is also just completely nonchalant about it too. He sees nothing wrong with that even after being told to stop and getting temp banned. For gods sake, he is doing this for the fun of it which is what I find to be really annoying.

I think he forgot the saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

Ban envasion + countless necrobumps. I’m surprised this isn’t lucky, cause he’s going down the same path.

Necrobumping is really annoying because even if it does get closed, it still clogs the feed so no new posts can be seen.

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Sometimes, necrobumping brings back old topics, which is good for a today problem, but most times it’s terrible

That’s where unlisting can come in. The only downside is that it invalidates likes given in the thread.

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Instead of unlisting, I have the ability to reset the bump date to take it off latest.

Wouldn’t they just rebump it since you can search for posts?

dont know if its possible to do this but uhhh
just remove being able to look for oldest activity
it wont remove necrobumping but it’ll definitely make it more annoying to do

i havent seen it used to contribute discussion on old topics
just necro

Great job on showing necrobumpers how to necrobump the oldest posts made.

Kinda quirky doe

i’d be surprised if they didnt already know about it
its not exactly a secret feature

sorry for bumping this, it seems theres another rabid necrobumper

There is a simple solution to this, Berezaa can enable everyone to use the ghost reply feature allowing you to reply to a topic without bumping it but just wont.

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Uh no

Kinda quirky

what does that mean