Additional pets for Ethyr/Unlockable pets

So I was thinking we should add another use to ethyr, Buying pets! Each one would cost about 250 ethyr, and each one would basically do the same thing (Pick up items). I feel like adding these will also give some players options as what they like best. (Some might be limited-time pets, for events of course.) Feel free to suggest more options in the comments!

Shop Pets

  • Lil’ Crabby: A tiny crab who lives out at the sea.

  • Spiderling: Not gonna lie but this is kinda cute…

  • Rubee: A flying pet? AWESOME!!

  • Mini Scarecrow: At that size it might as well be called a scaredoll.

  • Gnome: Wait how’d he get here? Ah well he’s cute regardless.

  • Fish: Its a vesteria fish, of COURSE it can survive above the water!

  • Hoglett: Daww, look at the little pig…

  • Yuge iron mine: "An iron mine so large it- Wait… This isn’t the right game!

  • Mysterious mask: A sign of someone’s return…

  • Mr. Stick: Now You can have a stick that haunts you. Genius.

  • Tiny rat: You sure this isn’t Jerry?

  • Small bat: Its a fruit bat.

  • Light blue squid: This seems oddly specific for a pet…

Unlockable pets

The pets your about to read below are meant to be unlocked after doing specific tasks. These are meant to have pure bragging rights.

  • Wumpus: A Magical creature that lives in #######- lives in ###- Oh for mushroom’s sake… YOU GET WHAT I MEAN!!!
    (Become a Verified member in the official Discord community)

  • Holy Mushroom: Ok we didn’t mean it literally, But take this for slaying such a beast.
    (Unlocked by defeating a Giga-giant enemy)

  • Yeti that is a baby: Not to be confused with a baby yeti. That’s something completely different.
    (Unlocked by defeating the Yeti)

  • Spider princess: The next generation of spiders is in your hands. Pretty much means they are gonna die.
    (Unlocked by defeating the Spider Queen)

  • Vesteria’s V: I wonder how many times you had to ask them to give you this?
    (Meet a Contributor and claim their gift)

  • Inferno Box: And they said the Spider Queen’s drops were rigged…
    (Own the Normal VIP gamepass from Miner’s Haven)

  • Doge pet!: Wow, such throwback, very nostalgic.
    (Own the Premium VIP gamepass from Miner’s Haven)

  • Executive’s Spirit: The spirit of a true Miner’s haven fan, It shall follow you forever.
    (Own the Executive VIP gamepass from Miner’s Haven)

I want to see the fish flopping on the ground constantly, unless you’re underwater of course.


Like the crossovers from Miner’s Haven (plz update game)
Achievements would be cool too maybe they could also give ethyr?

I prefer the achievements to be solely just that, a way to remember what you accomplished.

helps the f2p though

but they payed for beta/alpha-

but that won’t mean they would pay for ethry

I really like this ngl. Would like wumpus pet


@darkgia23 Iron-Mine Chan :joy:

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Kind of cool idea, I’d like to see the Devs play around with it!

Maybe pets based on mob kills? So if you have killed like 1000 crabbies you are able to purchase the crabby pet.

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This was already discussed, it would cause level 25 and above to start raiding low level mobs causing low level players not to be able to grind exp. If we can find some way around that, then this is a great idea.

mfw miners haven gets a vesteria and azure mines item but vesteria has no references to miners haven or azure mines

That’s a really good point. There’s a lot of ways I can think of to fix it I’m just not sure what’s best. I’m trying to keep in mind that this shouldn’t be a huge update, it should just be something smaller that is a cool little addition. Here’s what I got

Name Description Pros Cons
KC Curve Higher levels need less KC to unlock a pet Mostly fixes the issue Makes it easier to achieve
Coin only purchase Purchase a pet with coins Mostly fixes the issue Ruins the point of the idea
Lvl 30 instances Private area for a level 30 only to fight alone; Altered to reduce/dissolve drop table Max levels don’t get XP; Mostly fixes the issue Requires more development time; Slightly hurts the original idea
Spawn Rate Curve Spawn based on how quickly a player kills mobs, spawning them closer to slower players Keeps the map open; Moderate effort to develop; Hurts players who are good; Doesn’t totally fix the idea
Reverse instance An area of the map can only be accessed by players under the mobs level + 10 Fixes the issue entirely; Shouldn’t be too much effort depending on how implemented Disincentivizes leveling as it locks certain parts of the map

This is just my take as a game developer and designer to spice up this idea. Take it however you will. If I missed any negatives or positives about an idea please tell me and I’ll include it.

Edit: Organized bullet points, may be moving this into my own topic later

It all looks good. I’d really be supportive of this idea if it ever got onto the big table.

This is a cool idea and definitely think this should be added. I’m pretty sure this probably had already been suggested but like how you go into detail on the description of the pet and what the pet would be. I do have 1 problem with this though, I don’t think it should cross with Miner’s Haven. I say this because Miner’s Haven isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and probably play Vesteria solely because it’s a great MMORPG game and didn’t just come from Miner’s Haven.

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I would really like to see callbacks to old Miners Haven stuff but I doubt a professionally made game would include it.

I like most of the ideas, however I feel the doge/inferno/execute pet would not fit in the “vesteria” theme and would 100% break the immersion of the game, and would seem out of place.

but the other ideas are really cool.

As long the pets are soulbound than i’m fine with this. The last thing we need is for people to be able to buy bunch of pets and make in game profit out of this. This game has a very very light “p2w” elementents into the game,but nothing to game breaking thankfully. I know for sure if this gets implemented in people would just start to rob thier moms credit card and just buy bunch of pets and doing profit out of this.

And i also think that people should be able to unlock all of these quests by doing daily acitivtes and weekly quest objectives.

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They are indeed soulbound. Especially the unlockable ones. they are just cosmetics and aren’t needed for the main game.