Adding Tariffs to Vesteria

This is probably a stupid idea but I think it would be a cool thing to add tariffs and raise taxes for certain trades. For example Mages could put a tariff on all Hunter to Mage trades due to some past or present feud, this could also contribute to the Vesteria lore. Though I do not know where this money is going it could go to a government of each of the classes. Every month they show who has the most money and give gifts in correlation to how much they have. The tariffs could be added for subclasses if like sorcerers hate berserkers for being complete opposites.

Everyone put tariffs on all ranger item !1!1!1!

Please for the love of all thats holy NO

Let’s implement mercantilism guys, it’ll fit really well with these tariffs!

Trading already sorta sucks with tax lets not beat a dead horse

Let’s add Fascism to Vesteria