Adding horses into the game

Any class should have horses for fast travel or they can go on foot if they want to.
A horse can die and will respawn after the player respawns. A horse will be one shotted if it gets hit into a player that is staying still and attacking the horse with a melee weapon. Also the horse should have a speed of 25-30. A warrior charging on a horse can one shot any hunter if they are going at full speed and time their sword hit with correct timing. But this ability cannot be abused. I should be only used once every 5 minutes. Anybody got any ideas?

Mounts are meant to be used for travel. Not killing. So, I don’t like the idea of it killing people…especially one-shotting them.

once every 5 minutes is still pretty overpowered
just use it every 5 minutes, not like you’ll be dueling every minute

First of all you legit only said Warriors can one shot any Hunter while on a horse. Seems like you’re just another Warrior trying to be even more OP with such BS

@Sterben warriors need a buff even though im not a warrior but if that doesnt work just make them do at least like 500 damage when they charge their sword or whatever u call it

warriors are the best or 2nd best class right now
what do you mean lmfao

thing is they are slow so i dont even think they have a chance to attack

slow?? combat roll exists and makes them a million times faster than hunters
warriors are really just hunters with hella defense

i think mounts as general should be added to the game but i dont think they need to be killable xD and maby a good way to get mounts would obviously do quests or you can get mounts from achievement/badges an once you complete an achievement/badge you go to a special achievement/badges awarding npc. Hears an example let say an achievement/badge is to kill the spiderqueen 20 times once you complete the task you go to the certain npc and turn in the achievement/badge and reseve a mount related to the achievement/badge so it would be a spider mount and there should be an achievement book kinda like the idle book but for achievement/badges. i know this is more then one idea but i kinda wanted to put it in lol.