Adding a Perk to Your Weapon

Hey there! I’m here to suggest a new feature, adding a perk to your weapon.

This idea was inspired by a system that the Bee Swarm Simulator developer, Onett, created, where perks on lower tier boots could be placed on higher tier boots. This makes it so the lower tier ones wouldn’t be completely useless when more and more content came out. Since Berezza wanted armor and weapons to not be completely useless when new content rolled out, I thought that this could be a really good feature to implement in the game.


My adaptation of the boots idea involves The Orb coming back, but not to bless stuff. The Orb is essentially a Minecraft crafting able, except in Vesteria. In this case, The Orb will act as the Vesterian crafting table, where you have to craft a Possession Scroll. The Possession Scroll has a small 5% chance of working, and a 30% chance to destroy your weapon. The scroll gives no boost whatsoever, but it makes it so your weapon is now eligible to a perk transfer. This scroll is for the weapon receiving the perk. To transfer a perk though, the weapon handing over it’s perk also has to have a scroll on it. This scroll is called the Unification Scroll. The Unification Scroll has the same 5% chance of working, but the failure chance is now 40%. When you have both of these scrolls on the weapons, you now have to meet a NPC known as Terul’s son, who will give you a series of quests to receive the last item required for a perk transfer, The Void Cube. The questline will consist of 10 extremely difficult tasks that have a 5 hour cooldown, and at the end of those tasks, he will reward you with The Void Cube, and 1 gold. The quests will be pulled from a pool of difficult quests, and an example of the quest in the questline could be “Collect 2000 Moglomelons, Defeat 1000 Moglos and 1000 Moglokos, and Defeat Mo Ko Tu Aa 5 times.” This quest might still be too easy though, so if the devs see this, maybe make the requirements extremely hard to achieve. When you receive The Void Cube, you’ll have to go back to The Orb, where you will fuse the two weapons and The Void Cube for the price of 10 gold. All the difficult things ensure that no tryhard can just speed through it, and that it wouldn’t be a common thing for a person to have more then one perk on their weapon. The more perks you put on a weapon, the more expensive it becomes. Every perk adds 10 gold to the normal 50 gold. Final Note: The Possession Scroll disappears from the weapon after the perk transfer is complete.

Smaller Details in Point Form
  • The weapon giving it’s perk away disappears in the process of transferring a perk.
  • Some of the looks on the weapon giving away it’s perk is passed on to the weapon receiving the perk
  • You lose an upgrade slot whenever a perk is added. If it’s a high tier perk, it might even take up 2 upgrade slots. An example is that a Royal Fang will have 4 upgrade slots instead of the regular 5 after getting another perk on it. A maximum of two perks can be added on your weapon to prevent broken OP stuff.
  • Trading for the quest requirements is not allowed. Getting the quest requirements from your storage is also not allowed, because we wouldn’t know if you traded in one slot and transferred it to your other slot.
  • You cannot put another faction weapon’s perk on your faction weapon.
  • If rebirth or sacrifice is added, the more perks you have on a weapon, the more rewards you get.
    Feel free to tell me more things I can add to this list

So that’s about it. Hope you liked the post I guess. If the devs see this, hopefully you’ll consider adding this to the game.


  • Changed the cost of merging the stuff to 10 gold.
  • Changed the name of the post.
  • Made it so the maximum amount of perks you can have on a weapon is 3, so two additional perks on your weapon. If you don’t have a perk on your weapon, you can only add two perks to it.


pretty neat idea.
however, the cost of the fusión is too high, so much so that 2 - 3 can afford that, the rest not.

hmm yea. im thinking of lowering that

how much lowering?

there, edited

now THATS more affordable
now 10 - 15 people can afford that