Adding a Ferret/Weasel to the game

I don’t care what it is, or how you do it, whether it be an enemy, NPC, or Item, add a ferret or ferret-like creature into the game. I’ve never seen a ferret well made in any type of game, especially an MMO, so this would actually be amazing.


:clap: wonderful

foxy will approve

Ferret boss lvl 9000

Ferret for Final Boss

Eventually we want to add all sorts of wildlife to the environment to keep our worlds lively.

Chickens and fireflies are currently the only type of wildlife we have, but we plan on expanding this to fish, birds, and perhaps that can include ferrets/weasels. Stay tuned!

<3 love it

Including Wildlife Will Just Make Me Go On A Murderous Rampage As Long As They Can Be Killed.

You could have it as a kind of pet, that gives special boosts when equipped eg. walkspeed, jump power, extra damage, faster regen, or even attack for you.