Add PvP (Ideas)

This is more of a runescape based game and something that Vestaria should add and will keep not only the playerbase but also community loyal and active.

PvP = Player(s) versus player(s), better known as PvP , is a type of multiplayer interactive conflict within a game between two or more live participants. This is in contrast to games where players compete against computer-controlled opponents and/or players, which is referred to as player versus environment (PvE)

What Vestaria can do, is have “groups/clans” and a chat for only group/clans where people can do clans vs clans or solo vs solo. Where you get their loot and good EXP. Thats where you have ranger/mage/combat where each has their advantages agiasnt other faction and disadvantages.

You have to first do to is to study all of the abilities. As you continue improving, you will develop your own ability combinations and tactics. Don’t bother memorizing them all, you will understand all of them in due time.

You can also only do PvP where somebody is the same “Combat Level/Level” so people do not keep attacking low level’s.

Sorry if it was hard to understand, as i am norwegain english is not my primary language. I hope you guys agree. I saw a post talking about this but this is more in-depth.

If the dev’s would like to hear more i would love to speak (Discord Cyprias#6038)

  • Sincerlley Cyprias.

but PvP is already in the game in the form of duels.

guilds will be a thing in the future

Yes, i am talking more of a larger scale. You do not get quite much out of a PvP. I am talking an spesific area where you enter you are in “PvP Mode” where when you enter everyone can attack you (same level/close to it)

The outcome of winning one of the PvP are not big either you do not achieve a lot but i am thinking more in the future when they have added more items where when you die they drop their stuff so you can then re-sell

You’ve got PVP in the Colosseum, enter anything that isn’t the seats or outside the building and you’ve got free-for-alls

Hmm thanks, but still needs to be added with “Drops” so you get something out of the fights.

That could be heavily abused

Yeah, in a exploiter points of view it can be. Thats why you have a own place for only PvP not a open world for it. Hopefully they make a script where if somebody hits somebody with 1 shots it detects kick/ban them.

No but I mean, someone could go afk and people would “farm” them unless there are safe zones put at spawn

Safezones are mostly every were on the map besides 1 spesific place where can example get a notfication “You are abut to enter PvP zone are you sure” (Yes/No) and if you enter, aftedr 10 seconds people can then interact and fight so people do not “spawnkill”

A level 30 player can one shot low levels. Would they get kicked/banned? The duel and colosseum system right now is fine.

As i typed in the post. Level 30’s can for an example only fight level 27-34 to keep an somewhat fair fight and so high level do not abuse the system

[2] Yes it works but it needs the “Drop system” where you get item’s/good exp and other stuff.

  • What they should do with the colosseum is have so people can fight there for a 1v1 and bet on who is winning amoungst themselves like “Cash/money” heaviley inspired by Runescape, of course.

The betting system has already been suggested before and Poly said something along the lines of “We’ll think about it.” I would link the topic but I am currently on mobile.

No problem, started just today with posting this was legit my first post so might have said something people have already said. Sorry bout that

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I don’t think that an area where pvp is allowed is going to be much fun. There needs to be some sort of gamemode that places a group of players against another group of players. I see something like WoW’s Arathi Basin or Alterac Valley working nice (Although these are the only two battlegrounds I have played in WoW. I don’t like capture the flag battlegrounds).

There are 0 gamemodes here, you should search up “Runescape PvP” this is what i am basically talking about

I just came home and I want to confirm that larger scale PvP zones/areas are planned to come sometime in the far future

Well then, they are doing a smart move.