Add more types of Arrows

Currently, there is only one type of arrow, your standard arrow. This isn’t that good due to lack of diversity for hunters like rangers just shoot shoot shoot no matter what situation it is. There are many popular games like Terraria and Minecraft with different ammo types, with varying degrees of usage. I suggest to make several different types of arrows, each having their own unique ways of being made, and maybe to introduce the first stage of crafting.

  • Venom Arrows
    This could be made with 1 spider fang and 25 arrows. This would inflict a venom damage (Something similar to Caustic Wounds), but at the cost of slightly lower damage

  • Aerodynamic Arrows
    This could be just bought from the store for 50 copper each. This would increase the projectile velocity (+30-40%) and damage (+5-15%), maybe at the cost of lower fire rate and lower stack

  • Mushroom Arrows
    This could be crafted with a Red Mushroom and 25 arrows. This would allow the arrows to bounce 2-4 times, at the cost of lower projectile velocity (-25%) and lower damage (-30%)

  • Iron-Tipped Arrows
    This could simply be bought at the store for 25 copper each. This would increase the damage and also allow the arrows to pierce targets, at the cost of lower projectile velocity and fire rate.

  • Spears
    This could be a common drop from Moglo/Moglokos. This would increase the damage drastically, at a huge reduction to projectile velocity and fire rate (because how do you shoot a spear fast)

  • Ice-Tipped Arrows
    These arrows could be a very common drop from The Yeti (maybe dropping up to 1200 arrows). These arrows would cause a webbed-shots like effect, slowing down the enemy (this will also stack with Spider Leg Bow), at a reduction in fire rate.

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Thanks for reading.

The idea itself sounds okay, but adding even MORE arrows with the current ranger meta is an unmistakably bad idea for balance.

then nerf rangers

lol, tell the devs that

Its less about nerfing rangers and more about buffing every other class because almost every other subclass is trash besides berserker, cleric and ranger.

No; Cleric and Ranger both deal too much DPS for their level. Knight, Trickster, and Warlock (and possibly Assassin) don’t deal enough. I’m a paladin (one of the more PvE-balanced classes) and killing monsters feels just where it should be.

Paladin, Berserker, Sorcerer, and maybe Assassin are right where they should be in PvE. Even though Berserker does deal more, it makes sense for it since its a DPS-focused class.

Okay, I definitely agree with cleric. What I don’t agree in is ranger dealing too much DPS for their level. Sure, they deal a lot of DPS, but it does balance out with their downfall in close-range, lack of mobility and their use of arrows.

These are both support classes, meaning that they are not battling in the front lines. Ranger shouldn’t be nerfed in my opinion. Cleric DOES because it can be used as a front liner. I have seen Clerics carry in SQR because of their ability to revive people, which shouldn’t really happen since they’re supposed to be support.

Well, to show ranger’s power:

  • Tuaa Bow cuts arrow use by 75%
  • Arrow rain can be used to deal quick damage in close quarters
  • Ranger Stance can outshadow most damage if Rangers can keep a distance
  • High-STR rangers plus Ranger Stance can deal enough damage to overwhelm most attackers

Huzza! Someone who agrees.

Rangers have an advantage to everyone else in PvE and in PvP. In PvE bosses, all they have to do is find a nice looking pillar and stay there the entire time. Rangers have no risk of being damaged at all and are much too overpowered at their current state. Whenever I talk about this in-game, people say “oH RanGerS sTanCe SlOwS yOu DoWN!” why would movement matter when all you need to do is spam arrows like a minigun? Not to mention Arrow Rain. That ability removes the Ranger’s weakness, AoE. Arrow Rain lasts a long time and can clear out monsters and SQR stages alike. Also like @JonnoTheGamer said, the Tuaa Bow cuts down 75% of arrows needed. With these new arrow ideas, Rangers will no doubtly have even more of an advantage.

Now about Clerics. Berezza’s vision of Clerics is support with low-medium DPS. This is happening somewhat but in my opinion, Clerics should just have a tiny nerf to flare’s damage.

I forgot to point out something:

  • Tuaa Bow will most likely be foreshadowed by another bow in the next updates coming, which will mean that the new weapon will most likely have a different perk than Tuaa Bow.
  • Arrow rain has end lag which can punish a Ranger when being chased by a horde of mobs, due to its lack of mobility.
  • The thing is that Ranger Stance slows your movement speed by quite a lot, and prevents you from sprinting via shift. If you had gotten aggro of a horde then you either have to cancel Ranger Stance or you’re going to tank the damage (unlikely). Also, Ranger Stance uses a considerable amount of mana which prevents you from using it for a long duration, and
  • Yes, I agree that High-STR can overwhelm most attackers IF you keep a safe distance.

As a lvl 44 ranger, I can confirm this.

To add on top of this, with max arrow rain I can double my dps with rangers stance. Thought Ranger’s Stance already gave insane amounts of damage? Arrow Rain just adds more damage, especially if maxed.

It’s not flare, it’s Holy Magic. Clerics are the only subclass to have any permanent perk, and Holy Magic increases their damage by 10% and increases Magic Bomb radius by 20%, which is great. Holy Magic needs to be reworked in some way because oddly, Cleric is both the tankiest and the most damage dealing.

You’re not going to use ranger stance up close, you’re going to use it far from danger. Besides, even if you do have to cancel it at most you’re losing about 1-2 seconds of damage because its cooldown is 1 second. Also, Ranger Stance doesnt really use much mana unless you’re upgrading it past lvl 4, which is completely unneccesary.

Thanks for you’re feedback on the Holy Magic thing!

I thought it was flare but ig it’s holy magic. I feel as if a nerf that isn’t too heavy would help with this. I like the health aspect of where Clerics are right now because they seem and feel balanced. It’s just the damage that seems off for me.

Yes, I definitely agree with you. If you were to compare Rangers AS OF NOW, then they are overpowered. My point is that there will always be newer updates that can prevent this from happening. Rangers will eventually become weaker because of newer updates that can prevent camping or better mob AI.

Also, not every SQR stage is easy for rangers. Sure, the 9th stage is probably the easiest thing for rangers, since they can just camp on a pillar, but other stages it can prove some difficulty to newer rangers.

You’re completely correct. The thing is, you don’t always have the opportunity to use it far from danger. A room may be cramped or your teammates that are tanks may be dumb and give you the aggro.

This is true, but there are very few closed spaces which would endanger you (only one I can think of is the third room in SQR) and so it won’t be a huge flaw in the Ranger.

Anyway, I still think the underpowered classes should get a buff. If you’re comparing a subclass with SQR then it can be inaccurate because SQR is mostly for around lvl 20 - 30.

I don’t think the devs would buff every other class that isn’t on par with rangers. It would be much easier to nerf rangers. Besides, it would be more fun to watch rangers suffer while only powerful as the rest of us than us getting overpowered abilities that are equivalent to rangers.

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