Add in a Story Tag

General discussion, has, on a regular basis, a lot of stories. Currently, general discussion has several tags for grouping things, so why not add an extra tag to group stories under, so people that want to see talk about the game itself can just ignore this tags, while if you want to read stories you can look at those tags.


Edited your title to fit in more with what you r saying

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Time to post my 25+ Stories in this tag! :smirk: :books:

If the stories tag/category/subcategory ever gets added, you can simply edit/move your old posts instead of reposting each one.

Would save me from closing and unlisting all your old stories since they would technically be duplicate topics.

Do you delete the old ones, or would it normally be the new ones because they were copying? Just curious.

That is if it gets added (which I really hope it does) :smiley:

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If he went ahead and reposted all his stories in the new category/tag, I’d remove the old ones because they would be in the wrong category and it’d be pointless for me to unlist the reposts, only to move/recategorize the old posts. You should get what I mean.

Again, this is only “if” this tag/category even gets added.

Bump and I shortened the title a bit

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seems like a good idea.

Screw it, bump?

Yea, this would be a great feature,

Yeah, but I’m they ignored guild section so this probably won’t get added either