Add catapults to warrior stronghold

Just like the other class based I believe the warrior stronghold should have its own unique method of transportation. By using the already implemented catapults you could cut down travel time across the bridge and have the entire experience be more smooth.

Warriors need a transportation method like the other classes, hunters have cannons and mages have tele pads, why shouldn’t warriors.

Catapults are unique to the warriors tho???

There are already catapults across the bridge they are just hidden

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Catapults exist already??

Yes. @Meta close?

Yes for awhile now too.

Oh lmao

big fail post :sadclown:

Just to save more confusion, uh, here.
Mushtown+Mushforest- mushrooms
Tree of life- teleportation platforms
Warrior stronghold- catapults
Port fidelio- cannons

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@Meta I am the big dumb. Close please

Requested by OP.