Add an undo button please!

I was writing a really long topic about a boss I had in mind. It was going to HAVE SO MUCH! I knew I would accidentally delete it so I decided to open a google doc to copy and paste what I had wrote and save it on there as a backup. I did Ctrl + A to highlight all of it and was about to do Ctrl + C to copy it, but then I accidentally clicked another key which deleted ALL OF IT!! RIGHT WHEN I WAS ABOUT TO SAVE IT AND NOW IT’S GONE!! Now I’m going to write it all again which took SO LONG!!! So I ask… Please add an undo button!

I don’t think they can do that unless the platform that this forum is on, Discourse, adds that feature.

Welp, now I’m going to go type that all again…

Rip, you could Ctrl a then use R click to get the copy option

Doing CTRL + Z works for me, don’t know what you mean.
Try it next time you make a mistake like this :sweat_smile:

But the forum doesn’t support ctrl + z wat doyamean?

It certainly works for me every time I do it.

Didn’t work for me…

ever heard of ctrl z? its the undo key

Didn’t know about until this post was created if I’m being honest. I heard people say CTRL + Z doesn’t work but when I tried it myself it did. So this post is kind of irrelevant now, I’m find if someone closes this.