Activity dropped hard

there was 22 now there 5-3 lol everyone went off away

It’s really hard to have things to talk about when you can’t play the game.

It also doesn’t help that it’s in the middle of the week where people have to sleep for school/work.

Luckily I Only Have College For 2 Days A Week, So I Have 5 Days Off.

i have 7 hours of my life everyday to not go on my computer besides on weekends , then on my free time I go on the forums for the rest of the day :sunglasses:

you can’t really be active with nothing to talk about,
btw you have been cursed by the YEET boar. like this image to become uncursed


No. Just No.

yes. ONLY YES!

Polymorhic seeing the meme boar be like



Oh No… Please No…

Activity dropped harder than the player count when the game shutdown