About Your Discord Server

Ahem ahem…

Still though, even if off-topic, this message should be sent privately. Reporting Discord Moderators on this forum is a lot more than off-topic, its totally irellevent. What are you expecting? If it is acknowledgement from Ber, you could privately message him. If its resolution from this issue, its privately contacting an administrator in the discord. This isn’t the right place guys. :roll_eyes:


That wasn’t the main focus though. I also wanted to gather intel on David’s background, which I did above. Turns out, this isn’t his first offense.

Would you just shut up already, arguing won’t solve your case.

Privacy is very important in these type of situations. I see that most posts here are mainly slinging mud at each other which isn’t cool. Try to maintain privacy with controversial topics.

I hope this is the last post here.

Pretty impossible if i do say so myself. Especially since berezaa has the discord server posted beneath the game, and his mod user would be able to be seen from there regardless.

Just stop mods of the discord have zero power or influence over the game the only power they have resides in the discord and you aren’t exactly a special and innocent snowflake yourself.

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They actually do have influence, cause as I said, the discord is posted beneath the game. Since this server is the only one that is related to vesteria that allows people to chat, it would impact how a person would feel if they were to get banned from it.

Again I feel like this isn’t the time nor place to do discuss this type of conflicts. Seems to only stir up more problems, which this forum does not need and it is not appropriate. I’d suggest like the others to contact an Admin of the Discord server before you go ahead and start bringing it here, publicly… ahead this is mainly for the Vesteria development and game-play.

I was a mod before and we had no influence involving the games he didn’t tell us anything either

Ahem ahem…

My guy you opened this Pandora’s box discord mods have no game influence David isn’t forgiving and you’re not smart what more Is there to say

You made all this drama over one incident it’s just sad drop it and move on with your life

Alright atm I find that the conversation is very inappropriate and is diverted from the main topic. I’ve closed this topic down until further notice. @TheInsanePizzaFace your complaint has been acknowledged.