About Your Discord Server

@berezaa a user by the name of David, one of your moderators, has been abusing his powers, giving out warnings and infractions to be for discussing something another user.
The infractions I’ve been given were “starting beef” and “flooding chat”.

As you can see, one of the users asked a question, and I answered accordingly, with a little joke at the end.
I’ve used the information I’ve retained from the forums to help answer any questions/concerns that arose. But then…

I was warned for starting beef and…

Other people started jumping in, whom I assume weren’t active on the forums, and tried to shut me up to prove themselves right. After that, I decided to find some evidence.

So I posted this to answer their questions, and people started calling it flood. They called “some children” retarded and starting acting uncivil. So eventually a mod was called in. He warned me for flooding, which I didn’t see in the rules, but eventually came to terms with.

But then…

In the process of me trying to figure out why I was warned for flooding, they said I was “continuing to try to start beef”. Now as you saw previously, other people were starting beef with me and didn’t even get warned yet.

@Summber was also wrongfully banned for 10 days for talking about “exploits” when really he was just calling out an exploiter in chat. Same mod David banned him. Dude needs to look at some context.

SPEAKING OF CONTEXT. You seem to not have posted the entire conversation, shame on you.

How about you do it, it wouldn’t change a thing.

I also got banned so I cant post shet.

This is YOUR defence, you must post your own evidence.

So you are getting mad of “taking things out of context” without an opposing argument stating why you disagree with me doing this.
You are just pointing that fact out just because you want this post to seem less liable. You didn’t even read what I had to say.

Probably because I already know your entire argument. “I was warned and I believe it to be unjust despite the fact I don’t understand why I was warned, so instead of requesting for clarification in DMs, I instead decided to argue about it and get warned again.”

Stating “you know” something, isn’t evidence.

There is the entire argument right there, and as you can see, I wasn’t even starting beef.

I highly recommend you contact an admin in Berezaa’s server (eg. Locard), or at the very extreme private message Berezaa on this forum.

This is very unrelated to Vesteria and has little to do with it, so I don’t recommend bringing this up in this category or publicly.


Then take it up with the people in charge of David: Locard or Foxy, not Berezaa.

And as I said above;

You don’t dictate who I talk to, berezaa is my go-to source.

Oops, I meant to post this in off-topic. My bad.


And yet, when the word “retarded” was used against me, it wasnt seen as bothering someone?

And yet, when you call people “Bigdumb” that isn’t seen as bothering someone?