About update delay

I’ve said this before on discord, but I’ll guess I’ll say it here too There will be more update delays in the future, the community just needs to learn to not overreact. I see why you guys are mad because of no update, but there are 2 coders for vesteria. Do you guys want bad, rushed updates, or good, delayed updates that have more time put into them.

needed to get that off my chest.

My exact thoughts! You tell 'em Whale! :triumph:

Yeah Whale on them

What you’re saying is very much correct, however the mistake of the developer’s part is giving update dates when it is possible that it wont happen. If there is a chance of updates not coming on the day you expect, don’t tell everyone, it creates false hope/hype. This is why after this update, the future ones wont have deadlines as Bereza said and will come out when they’re ready.

Yeah, if the developers told us there would be an update delay, most people wouldn’t be freaking out atm.