About tomorrow (lvl 30s)

This is to all lvl 30s. pLEASe don’t bring a lvl 30 slot, basically stealing exp from us <30 people. >:[

??? me is confused whats happening tomarrow

im bringing my level 30 slot my dude

spider queen is being spawned

arcane is a noob at Lbombing, he wont even hit spider queen

I’m bringing my level 27/28 hunter >:)

I shall bring my lvl 25 warrior





dang you this is a compleate sentance

we all gonna die sooooo…

nobody knows what time

sometime during Christmas

so you best be on vesteria 24/7 or I swear to god

he will use his leader powers to ban u

Berezaa will probably ping everyone tho in the #vesterians channel

It would be nice if did + would be even nicer if he would do it before it’s 3 am for me

POTM will prob be @ed so i will be ready

what if berezaa makes it that the queen won’t give you any exp lol

I should get ber to be in a lonely server with me then he can summon it and I get all the Gucci drops

how dare you, you should not get the gucci loot

POTM will claim all the gucci drops

just wants drops so im bringin my lvl 30

i claim spider dagger,

thats it no questions