About The Updates

Does anyone else find it weird that the spiders were “fixed”, and updated super fast, while the new gear isn’t released yet?
Just wanted to point this out, because I am confused as to why no new gear has been added yet,

Yeah, I think it would have been a better idea to wait to rework the spider spawning for the big update.


I just don’t like the spiders fix. I believe that they should have waited until dungeons or a new mob to come out before they did that.

new enemies are being released soon anyway so

Well then I suppose the update fits with it. The game got very slow and boring with the spider fix.

We accidentally merged the single above-surface spider spawn with the tunnel spawns, so a bunch of spiders will start spawning above ground, which will reduce the amount in the tunnels.

As for why we updated Enchanted, it’s actually a lot easier to deploy hotfixes for things that only affect certain maps than it is to wait for an update. It’s hard to explain why, but I’m doing a decently-sized Nilgarf update and syncing it with the big update is going to be a pain.


I’m too tired to find a meme the expresses my opinion towards this, so instead I will make the sound that I imagine my meme would make after looking at this. “Muh wha Uhhhhhg”

Oh, I thought spider spawning extremely slow underground was intentional. Well, glad to hear that underground spider dens are being fixed.