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Save up your coins for something good!


At least for me, I was able to buy every single weapon I ever wanted and still had gold to spare, IMO it’s much more important to save your scrolls for a strong weapon since they aren’t cheap early on.

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In honesty, you should probably go for maybe a higher level enemy first, but only one!

Don’t worry bois I already have something panned :slight_smile:

When you go to a new place, before you do anything, talk to as many NPCs as possible. Especially for early in the game, talking to NPCs is important. They can give you quests which can give you scrolls and other rewards you can equip or sell for gold.

Also, try to move around while attacking.

try farming some shrooms to get some much needed help when dealing with higher level enemies.

I’ve found farming baby mushrooms until level 10 is very efficient, if the gain starts getting slower, just start having them group up and take out more at once.