About the spiders

I don’t know if this has been reported, but these spiders like I see them and all in enchanted forest, but then out of nowhere going near them, I get attacked by invisible spiders. Then like 3 attacks at once hit me, and then I see that spider, is like 50 studs away and I look where I get attacked, nowhere near that spider.

I don’t think it’s invisible spiders but maybe just broken hit boxes, seems like this is common with me and some other guy who posted, as well as others who havn’t said anything

basically the same thing about those crabs, same hitbox issue, still a pain to deal with

There seems to be two problems, I was getting hit from a meer 5-15 studs away, i thought it was a hitbox problem, but maybe this phantom thing has been getting worse and worse, so it was just barely a thing, and now it’s at like 100 studs

yup same for me, I go like 200 studs in range of a spider, then I instantly die. tbh as much as I would grind vesteria, I’m just going to wait until the paid access comes out, in other words I’m gonna wait 2 weeks for this bug to be fixed.

I’m doing the same, not because of this single bug, but because i don’t care about this small “party” update and extra mob, i’m gonna wait till there’s tons of content so i have a better experience, not a bunch of small experiences

Are there any errors in the Ctrl+F9 console (Red text) when this happens?

Havn’t checked

@Polymorphic not sure if you are getting anything dms about this, but I don’t see red text at all when I open dev consule

Don’t know for sure, but when testing out the spider’s hitboxes, when someone gets hit by any spider in the cave, everyone takes damage. Other players say it happens every time someone is being attacked by a spider, or it happens when someone is being attacked by a spider in the cave. @Polymorphic

You can also just press F9, Ctrl isn’t needed