About the hunter subclasses

Is it true that Assassins will only use daggers and they can’t use bows at all, same with Ranger but they can’t use daggers, in the future? i’ve been hearing rumors about this thats why i’m asking.

I Dont Think Soooo?
aT LeAsT TrIcKsTer NoT aFfEcTeD

i’ve never heard this rumor.
and that would be stupid.

Mhm, Berezaa’s finding a way to make all the assasins “ditch” their bows for something better for their offhand

Same for Ranger

It is not a rumor, berezaa was in-game at the coliseum and announced it to the ppl there. I was there too.

show us proof

I actually think this would be a good idea anyways. Assassin uses mainly knives anyways, and ranger uses mainly bows. It would be a good way to slightly nerd both, but not by to much, and put trickster in the meta as a sort of jack of all trades class. Don’t understand why people don’t like this…

Berezaa has mentioned that he doesn’t want Assassins to use bows and Rangers daggers, but I’ve never heard that he would completely remove that functionality.

tRiCkStErS aRe nOt aFfEcTeD

I don’t have any proof. It’s your right to think I’m a liar. Everyone is a liar for you anyway. Even if I show you a proof you would say that it’s a fake berezaa or something XD

ok ok ok jeez.
you dont have to be angry to respond.
i trust you.

Berezaa mentioned in the Vesteria team dev road map that he would to introduce a new equipment item called “Amulet” that let player trade weapon in their off-hand for an powerful attributes/perks. So you might find a assassin only using knife in the future, maybe they could buff trickster by allowing him to equip the amulet along with the knife and bow at the same time ? giving him the better jack of all trade deal ?


nonono, the amulets have to do with rebirth

the off hand thing for assasins we don’t know about yet

Let’s say that sometimes (like yesterday) I’m really nervous and I can get mad even from almost nothing :joy: I’m sorry ;-;

its ok…

It’s normal that you don’t know about it, berezaa said that in the colosseum, he did not announce to the public but just to random players basically.


nada, no one

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