About the Discord Communities category

A bulletin board for advertising community Discord servers. Warning: these servers are not affiliated with or monitored by the Vesteria team. Join at your own risk. Read the about thread for posting rules.

Note: posting on this board requires trust level


  1. Only the OWNER of a Discord server may advertise their server.

  2. No more than ONE ad per server

  3. Put effort into your listing. Include the NAME of your server and a PARAGRAPH explaining your community. If you server has custom art or image assets, you should include those as well.

  4. You may “bump” your thread with a reply only if your server is hosting an event or otherwise has an important announcement. Replies are subject to moderator approval.

  5. Server listings are subject to moderator approval and may be removed at any time if they are found to be highly offensive or disruptive to the community as whole.

This category will automatically bump 3 listings a day. As a user, you can also vote on the listings for servers you wish to support.