About The Complications

Don’t you find it weird and coincidental that ROBLOX and YouTube are messing up at the same time? I wander what other platforms are messing up, and if there are going to be future errors, like discord, or twitter.
Maybe ROBLOX and YouTube have something in common, and that’s why they are both doing this during the same time. Maybe something that has similarities with ROBLOX and YouTube will start acting up.

Please tell me your thoughts on this.

The universe is vast, there are millions of clusters, with millions of galaxies with millions of stars, many of which have planets and moons to keep them company! Few have life, love and technological advancements. In a universe with such a diverse selection for events to occur, sometime co-incidents are truly co-incidents.

tHe eARf eS fLaT

earth doughnut


earth is food why else can you eat everything on it