Ability To Still Earn Adventurer Points

Hello there,

I wanted to know if you guys could add something that allows you to still earn adventurer points I went to another faction. Now I can’t earn anymore adventurer points no more because I joined another faction. I’m only saying this because this could be a good feature to the game and it won’t set off my OCD anymore again sorry to disturb you.

Thanks BanditOG.

It’s intentional.

The entire point of not being able to obtain adventurer points anymore is so players obtain different builds. It was intentional to keep players different and to make players create choices. Eventually when more skills are introduced, this same thing will probably happen as well. Sorry to disappoint you but your OCD is going to start going through the roofs in a couple of weeks.


who confirmed that?

Berezaa. Want the full screenshot?

yes please.

There you go.