Ability to spawn different bosses in testing realm

Its been fun having a constantly respawning Yeti but, it just gets boring after a while. It would be pretty cool to have the ability to vote on which boss spawns next and maybe even see some new bosses.

testing realm was for testing, no special features and touches are needed. no point.

My intended point was to test out different weapons on different bosses with different stats

it would be annoying for a spider queen to be camping the spawn after you reseted your level tho…

We could just place an invisible barrier around spawn that completely kills Aggro sorta like on the bridge in sql

that would be good

the point of the testing realm is just to test new things, I don’t think berezaa will create voting and spawning system cause this will just take time, and testing really isn’t really important enough to make him take time to code new things for it