Ability to craft a scroll that summons a boss at a certain area

Such as going into a cave with the scroll and spawning in a spider boss that drops exclusive weapons or large amounts of gold or other drops.

Crafting could be, scroll crafting levels that increase each time you craft a scroll or an ability you can upgrade that lets you craft higher tier scrolls.

-Crafting recipes could be, 100 Of a drop from any type of mushroom,
-Craft Mushroom Scroll, go into the mushroom cave and use it.
-Fight the mushroom boss, this can be with a party you invite to the raid. Such as a bar saying, leader started a scroll raid, join them?
-Once you defeat the boss, you get a drop such as a trophy, gold, or different gear or scrolls.
-You can place trophy’s on your back for cosmetic reasons, a player owned house (make it happen) or sold for money, (cannot be traded to players)

Love this idea reminds me of bdo and currently loving that game this would be fun to be able to craft bosses after farming and hopefully get a unique sword drop or something! Hope this gets add in some way! (and btw player houses are coming and im super hyped for them)


I need to make a post about player owned houses, they could contain items such as a brewing skill, allowing you to make exclusive player owned potions, like speed boost, passive health regen, abilty to gain focus of a mob for raids. They could also be sold to other players for gold or other items. Like a brewing ability gained by making potions from ingredients from mobs, like very high tier potions from materials dropped by bosses or just a rare chance to get them. Like a riches potion, giving 5x the chance to drop, costing a lot of gold and having a 10 minute timer. This could making training brewing fast before everyone profitable, making it a race to get high tier potions to use or sell.

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Just to add this, you need to place a brewing stations, forge, anvil and crafting table to use in your player owned house. They can be bought from NPC’s.

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There was a post on brewing for homes already but it doesnt go into much depth I think I would love to hear your thoughts on it :smiley:

bosses will come in the future but not now
I like the idea with scrolls but you should only be able to summon the bosses in some “off the path” areas

player owned houses will be a thing in the future

I will try to be on your opposing side not to be mean but to make supportive content because i like the idea.

  1. This will create an over flow of boss gear lowering there value if a player market is made.
  2. The place of summoning the boss should not be on the map it should be a teleport scroll to the location of the boss
  3. The ability to craft the scroll should only be obtained throw a quest or killing the boss.
  4. The crafting part should only be obtained throw the boss itself (making it harder to just summon any boss you want making a need for it)
  5. Instead of a trophy it should be an insignia of cape to put on your character (this will give no buffs)
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I love the cape idea, here is my new ideas I love that feedback,
Here is some new Ideas,

  • Only low tier items in the scroll bosses, maybe minibosses for a floor?
  • Scroll Bosses will only drop gold
  • It will give a large amount of EXP instead of gold or item drops making it a faster EXP farming methods to buy scrolls off of players and farm the bosses, (will take gold to buy the scrolls making it more expensive)
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i like the exp farming idea it would fill the gaps and give people something to do,
i also like the idea of the boss only drop lower class items, but not money because this will flood the market
but the “trophy” should only be droped once and player bound.

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Maybe in the future with player owned houses you can have a cape rack that stores capes, there will be a back slot in your player to put the cosmetic items on the back.

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so i am going to sum up everything so people that read all this understand,

  1. boss scrolls can be created if a 100 of an minion drop is collected
  2. the boss will be used for exp to fill the gap that the game might have for leveling, and drop lower gear
  3. the sad boss will drop a “trophy” used for cosmetic reasons only and player bound (% drop can be added buy the Devs)
  4. the only way to get the resipy for craft is throw missions

did i miss anything?

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  • For number 4,
    Each floor will have a scroll meant for an area in the map, such as a cave or inside of a tree, any special area like that.

  • Each floor will have a quest for the ability to make the scroll, scrolls can be bought from a player or crafted like you said.

  • There will be a workbench outside of the area where you are meant to make the scroll with the items.

  • Maybe defeating the scroll boss can be the way to move to the next floor?

  • After you get all the scroll bosses with their capes, you go back to the starting town and craft them together to make a mega cape from them.

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How about each boss you kill gets you a little symbol on your cape, like boy scout badges on your sash, the more you kill the more your cape fills up (only 1 per miniboss thing) and then maybe it could have a cool Omega symbol or something when you fill it completely

That Actually Sounds Fun As Well As Showing Progress For Each Person Easily.

idk about that. think about it how many bosses are going to be in the game? answer we dont know so saying it could fit all in one cap would be hard to see. i think just 1 item per boss that dose not combine.

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But at the same time you’de need that same amount of capes in your inventory/chest, that would just be annoying… But as you said, i’m expecting about 10-15 bosses, it’s still roblox, you can’t make the game THAT big, i mean we already have like 8 areas and no bosses, giant enemies are not bosses, they have to make whole dungeons for bosses

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lol true i wish they could make the game bigger

They probly could, just gotta make several different Games that lead to eachother from a main game. Once they get big enough that is.

They already do that for servers with different maps, i don’t really see how your idea could help? Swordburst 1 did the same but had to quit after only 7 floors because it couldn’t go any farther, now they said Swordburst 2 would be better and it is, but who knows the limit? 60? that’s still small considering Vesteria they have like 7 without even 1 boss yet, we’ll just have to hope it’s more than that

:thinking: im not really sure how to explain my idea on here… and I haven’t played swordburst so I have no idea what you’re talking about