Ability stat rework: Mage base class

So as of right now berezaa is working on that you will upgrade various of your abilities through the return of blue orb and I’d would change depending on what type of version you pick.

For example the changes of magic bombs: you would be able to pick different types of magic bomb, so like multi bombs would scale of depending on how much dex you have while pure mana bomb scales of Int. so for every 30 points into that specific perk stat it gets upgraded. My idea right now is to address this or to give a suggestion of every other abelites in the game and how they could change so here they come.



Dex>Multi Thunderclap: Will be an upgraded version of thunderclap but instead of hitting once I’d would hit the enemies multiple time, every 30 points into dex would let you hit the enemies an additional time.

INT> ThunderStorm: would almost function similar to how meteor strike works where you cast the animation and a singel big lightning storm would come out causing a decent size aoe attack damaging the enemy and causing lightning damage over time, this effect gets stronger during a rainy weather. damage and damage over time scales of more depending on how much int you have. at 100 int you have 5% chance stun the targets.

STR>Zap: Zap is finally back but with a twist, zap will have way shorter cooldown than the normal thunder clap but will deal less damage, it will also function similar to hunters ricochet shoot where once you hit an enemy it will bounce toward other enemies, it will start of only bouncing against 4 enemies but the more str you have the more it will bounce of to.

Vit>Lightning Aura: cast a lighting aura around you which will deal 50 damage power, meaning it will cause damage per second towards any enemy that gets near you. The more vit you have the more damage boost and the longer it lasts.


STR: Charge Blink: Pretty much how the str magic bomb blink perk functions just that the damages increases more the more points you put into str

Dex: Swift Blink: Your Blink now has charges: meaning you can blink multiple times every 40 points you have into dex. so if you have 80 dex means you can blink 3 times before it goes to a cooldown, the blink charges cooldown is also lowered by half.

INT: Pure Blink: Increases the distance you travel by 5% each 40 points of int you have.

VIT: Protected Blink: Gain damage reduction when blinking, you start of with 25% damage reduction and gets additional 25% every 40 points of int you get.

Magic Bomb:

As of right now magic bomb works fine as they are, i will just add an Vit Variation:

Leach Bomb: will function similar to normal magic bomb except it will life steal. you get more damage life steal the more points you have into vit.

that’s it for the mage base class i will later on work on warriors and than hunters, and depending on how people like it I’ll even work on subclass rework.

good ideas, but I still think lifesteal should be unique to warlocks. Maybe vit bomb would decrease enemies damage, or give them status effects

Warlock is going to be reworked anyways, so they will function more as an summoner class with poison damage.

Ranger already has lifesteal - vit perk for bows.

DANGIT! I should have picked warlock.

I know ranger has lifesteal perk, but I don’t believe they should. It doesn’t fit their playstyle, and it takes away the only thing that makes warlocks even semi-viable right now

How do I get sonic mana bomb?

str gives you sonic bomb but it will be changed so you can talk to the orb to change your bomb variation, meaning even if you go full int you can still get sonic bomb but it wont be as str as if you went full str build.

Should I be a str mage then?

for now if you want pierce bomb

Maybe it doesn’t fit ranger very well but it’s pretty useful for me as an assassin.

How is this possible. A mage post saying mage is bad but not posted by AnthonyChi? There must be a disturbance within the force.

Not sure how I feel about zap. I hope strength mages can do a single lightning bolt that’s faster and with a reduced cool down with a small aoe effect and less damage. While intelligence mages can cast multiple lightning bolts that are slower but have huge aoe.

I really want to flex on u guys because my warlock will be maxed soon.