Ability Curses {Filler}

So with this, you can sometimes get an uber-rare drop (like 1 in 80mil) from just about any mob. When you use it (it looks like a scroll), you can choose one of your stats: either STR, DEX, INT, or VIT. That skill gets a permanent +3, but one of your other three (randomly determined) gets a permanent -2. So you can get uber lucky (for instance, choosing INT as a mage and getting a STR penalty) or uber unlucky (choosing STR as a Ranger and getting DEX penalty).

There could also be another variant, that causes a permanent -4 to all four stats (STR, DEX, INT, and VIT), but allows you an extra 3 skill points. This variant has a 1 in 1 billion chance to drop instead of the stat variant whenever the stat variant drops.

Stat Variant Drop Chance: 1 in 80,000,000 from any mob
Skill Variant Drop Chance: 1 in 80,000,000,000,000 from any mob (1 in 1 billion from 1 in 80 million)

Good idea, but I feel like since its so rare it should at least give some more stat points, or because skill points are so valuable now, 2 or 3 of those.

The idea is that it drains from one area to power another.

Hold the presses!
I just had an idea!
Edit inbound!

alright, ok google, whats 1/80,000,000

the answer is 0.00000001%

thank you, and now, whats the drop chance of a awp dragon lore?


Refine your odds so its not more rare than a 1k csgo skin

What the duck?

Literally any mob can drop them.

CS:GO skins can’t be checked that often.

Have you SEEN what happens when you use a lure on the beach in Scallop Shores?
There were like 5k lured crabbys. My then-Mage Cleric had trouble, and was unable to collect all the loot b/c it despawned.

sure, you have a point, this is vesteria, where lures can actually raise odds of a drop, but im showing you about how stupid it is to give a 80m drop chance for a item like this. It would be more collector than actual weaponized. Anything with that kind of absurd drop rate is not going to drop in a long time, as well, it gives a advantage to players who actually get this uber drop chance by a huge margin, skill points scale and not add attack, this is a bit too overpowered in my opinion for the person who recieves this drop, no one would even sell this.

reading this again, it doesnt make sense, why go for a uber rare drop when you can get better from a cursed

Exactly. This is not meant to be tried for, just utter random happenstance.

Also, you are aware of the odds of seven perfect curseds? There are people running around with green-tier SETS (armor and weapons). Rare drops naturally make people OP (Legendary Auktufiti’s Ballista ringing any bells?), that’s just the way of RPGs.

Honestly, ill find 5 perfect items before someone even gets a 1/8m drop. Its just too low for it and it being not a worth item, I mean sure, if someone wants perfect gear, they can grind for it. But its just too much work, too lucky to even get a drop, and it would cost over 40 cursed atk’s to get your hand on one of these items

haha imagine crabby den

Scallop Shores’ beach (the one along the path) has a higher spawnrate for them though.

Honestly that is one of maybe four times I’ve ever wanted a pet (soo … much … loot)