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Entry No. 1

Day 1

… Vesteria. A Project made by Berezaa. It seems interesting… I must know more about it.

Day 2

Ah, yes. An MMORPG. This will be quite fun…

30 minutes Later

… What’s this…? A Panel?.. Must keep this unknown to the public.

Day 0

“… Hello there, young one. May I know your name…?”

“…? Who’s there…?”

“I see you’re getting used to your surroundings. Don’t worry, I am only here to help you.”

“Alright… Mind talking to me in person, though?”

“I’m sorry, but I can not show you my appearance at the moment. I am researching a project, you see… It’s on a game known as, ‘Vesteria.’”

“I see.”

“… I dunno why I am asking this now, but where am I?”

“Area Zero. An area where all life is yet to be made. You’re the first one to enter such as world as unique as this…”

“‘Unique?’ No offense, but this is a baseplate.”

“That’s what they all say. Come closer…”

A door appeared in front of the white figure. (Which is Malcheonne at the moment, but I’ll get to that later.)

As the figure walked closer, it could see a brighter light, getting ever-so brighter by the second… Until, it opened the door.

*It was completely blinded, but greeted by black text, saying:

  • NathanSmith01
  • Age: 14
  • Alias: Malcheonne Amia
  • Interests: Playing games involving cooperation and skill
  • Will you accept this host as your own?

The list ended there, as well as the last line glowing blue.* (Aka: Hyperlink, but this needed me to be inconsistent with writing, so…)

The figure accepted the terms listed on the list, then its looks have changed…

*The bright light faded into darkness, but it felt like it had it’s eyes closed.

It could hear someone calling for It’s name, though…*

“… N…th…n…”

“Huh? Oh hey, Jessica.” Not realizing what it just said until much later on…

“Hey, Nate. Jack already left for work earlier.”

“Really? So… Hold on a second, what time is it?”

“It’s… 11: 42.”

“11: 42? Phew. At least I didn’t wake up at 12…”

“Yeah, still wondering why that happens… Anyways, I just got us a new game today.”

“Oh really? What is it?”

“It’s made from the guy who made Miner’s Haven. Remember that?”

“Oh. Vesteria. Yeah, he’s been workin’ on that for a while…”

“So? Ready to go on?”

“Yeah, just gimme a sec. Gotta go set up the computer again.”

“Alright.” Jessica walked out of the room

“… What did I call her? Why did I say that…?”

“It wasn’t you… It’s him.”


“Yes. He’s the one who will speak when it involves your friends.”

“I see now… Welp. I better set up the computer, otherwise she’d think I’m just being lazy…”

After getting off the bed, I went outside, and saw Jessica already on her Computer Set. Looking over at my side was a small Laptop, with a white portable keyboard. After booting up the PC, Jessica started talking to me about this again.

“So… Remember how to open it up again?”

“Yeah, don’t worry. All I gotta do is open Google Chrome, then press R in the search tab. That makes it assume I’m heading over to Roblox, right?” (Note: This is in a Singeplayer RPG perspective, with surfing the web being a feature. Sorry about this… .-.)

“Yeah, well… I’m already in-game. Cya there.”

“Alrighty.” She went over to her computer again

“… Here we go.”

After entering my password, and scrolling over the games tab, Vesteria was already in my “Last Played” list. Jessica must’ve logged me in earlier.

(Here’s where it ends 4 now… Sry this is short, I am homeschool boy. .-.)

I’d just post everything when your done. xd