A wild me has appeared?!?

Hi everyone, I doubt you all even noticed I was gone. If anyone was curious why I disappeared without a trace once the game released, I can assure you it’s a bad reason (not that anyone cares) All of the forum post, hours spent writing, replying, testing, theorizing, and waiting got me totally burnt out from the game. After all of the time I spent on a game that hadn’t even released in alpha, I just kind of lost the motivation to keep going. Half of this was from the sheer amount of vesteria that was in my life and the other half was that I got really discouraged from all of my suggestions that I put hours of work in to getting ignored by the devs, and then a two sentence suggestion with poor grammar getting responsed to with “great idea, we will totally add that!” I know nobody cares, but I just wanted to put this out there. Maybe I’ll be back to play some more when the game goes into beta or gets released.

Also rip the scroll spreadsheet, berezaa just said that he was gonna change the scrolls so that’s all going to waste as well.

Took a week for me to noticed that you were gone, sorry!

Big Oof.

Rip your ideas, well hope you get back into the forums. I did notice you were gone as you were probably one of the other people who were on the forums when it was created first day or so. Eventually your ideas will get in whether the developers like it or no~

That’s why I take short breaks and don’t no life the game too much. You get burned out if all you do and think about is Vesteria lol. Also about the scroll spreadsheet you made, the game is only in Alpha so you should accept the fact that stuff like how scrolls work are liable to change in the future. I’m sure the Devs have seen your ideas and posts, It doesn’t matter if they commented or not.

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Vesteria is life. Wym?

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Its ok man xD, I made a new account because my last one didn’t have a name change and I wanted an OG name so now I’m appear to be a month late and lost all my badges. Took a fatty acid L

Lol “fatty acid”

I get where you are coming from with the suggestions, none of the developers have acknowledged my Let’s Play Tag Post, but that’s alright.

Its an inside joke with me and 2 friends. We were in biology and were learning about this kinda stuff and my friend said “Im gonna make my rapper name fatty acids” and I thought it was funny. Just kinda typed that into there.

Yeah, something similar happened in my class too. Hmm :thinking:

hmmm indeed

I noticed you were gone for a while. Glad to see your back(?).