A wild berezaa?

look on as a wild berezaa travels around the deserted mushtown, wild mushroom forests, and the peaceful clearing, and wonder where he heads to next

this rare specimen first appears within the outskirts of mushtown, where they murder baby shrooms in cold blood.

the wild berezaa proceeds to travel across the isolated mushroom forest, murdering even more shrooms in their wake. the specimen then proceeds to head to the clearing, collecting more spores for their mushroom stew.

the creature later heads to Nilgarf, perhaps to trick themselves out with new gear? or visit the all new spider noob killer queen? who knows other than the bere himself.

in the end, the wild berezaa appears to have met up with the friendly neighbourhood con artist, vincent van gogh. what an interesting specimen they are!!1!



If you see it, invite it to The Company Discord.


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