A Warrior Has Combat Rolled Into A Hut In Forsaken Isle!

Vesterian_Adventurer Has Combat Rolled Into A Forsaken Isle Hut As Of Yesterday Evening, Condition Critical


Give him a rune to escape the un-escapable hut.

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Ok i think i figured it out
(Editing to upload picture)

Nice, but dang, the hut looks a lot bigger on the inside.

I did NOT expect it to be so big.
Nice House Tho

Build the Rescue Rune…


I did this as a mage before and used blink to get out.
good luck lol

prepare the teleport
consume the rune

and make the rescue

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absolute gamer do not use a rune or bad

@Atom I Had To Cause of a deal…

Ill Try To Find More Funny Haha Moments When I Get Home.

It is crititcal that we send the new rescue cleric!

What’s now stupid is that I actually have the exact image of my cleric stuck in that hut lol
too bad I am too lazy to post it rn

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Oof size large…
Press F to pay respects…