A Trello Full of Information

A little information about myself and this topic.

Hello everyone! I’m new to the forums and just barely got to trust level 1. I have loved reading the forums this far and wanted to contribute in my own way, so I decided that it could be fun to offer my own information on Vesteria through a Trello I made for my friends and I. I want to make it clear now though, that I am in no way trying to or attempting to compete with the Vesteria wikipedia.

What is Trello?

Trello lets you work more collaboratively and get more done. Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way.

Taken directly from Trello’s website which can be found here.

My Trello

The idea originated from preferring Trello as a means of finding information between my friends and I as well as me having more time on my hands now that I am currently done with testing.

My Trello offers practically all the same information that you could find on the wiki, maybe more, maybe less, you be the judge, it isn’t a competition though.


This picture is what you will be greeted by when you first enter the Trello (Which is still under heavy construction and is missing lots of stuff.)

Everything you could think of is categorized and organized to the best of my ability. If you guys have any suggestions or recommendations however, I am all ears.

Offered Information

I structured this Trello to keep in mind the try-hards, no-lifes, min/maxxers, and mathematicians (or whatever you want to call them.)

Which means, I have made graphs, and went into detail about certain aspects of different things. Here’s a good example:

I also looked into every ability subclasses offer and took the abilities into mind at their max level.

The Future

If you somehow skipped over the part where I stated this was in progress or under construction and is heavily missing vital points of information, here is the part where I either remind you of that fact or tell you that now.

In the future I plan things like:

  • Monster information like levels, hp, and drop rates.
  • A ton more items for gear, armors, misc, and consumables.
  • More detailed information on subclasses, stats and abilities, with some gifs.
  • Lastly, guides to certain dungeons/events and locations within the game.

I’m also open to hearing feedback here on this topic as well as suggestions or recommendations.


I’m new to the forums and I wanted to contribute with my informative Vesteria Trello that is currently in the works and is missing vital information. I’m not trying to compete with the wiki. You can use this for practically anything you want on information regarding Vesteria. The Trello board can be found here.

Thanks for reading my first forum post! :smiley:


Actually, Vesteria has a Trello board! Issue with it, though, is that it isn’t used anymore. Hopefully yours does a good job of replacing it!

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Oh yeah! I’ve seen this board before, isn’t it just used by the developers to organize what they’re working on though rather than being informative?

I’m gonna keep working on the board quite a lot this month as well!

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Looks fantastic!!! I will definitely use this. Not sure how in depth you’re planning on going, by the look of it, pretty far. One suggestion I would make is to have the normal pages pretty simple, and then give the ability for players to change that and show a lot more in-depth stuff. This is just for players that what to know the basics, compared to people like me who like to know a lot more of the more difficult stuff.

Keep up the good work!!!

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I looked through the page and it looks amazing. I don’t pretend to be a pro at Vesteria, but I have played it for a while and know a lot and have a lot. I would love to help and if you ever need to get info, feel free to throw me a message and I will help all I can. I know a big one is getting pictures of maps, but I’m not sure if there’s and way for me to get those to you.

(If you want to work on it solo, I understand. Please don’t feel like I’m trying to barge in…)

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Trello from my knowledge doesn’t necessarily allow me to show advanced and basic things individually without adding more things to the clutter of information, that’s why I went with displaying both basic and advanced information on the same topic.

Thank you for the feedback and the suggestion though, what I could do is try to separate the information displayed a bit better and distinguish what could be considered advanced and what could be considered basic.

I know quite a lot myself and I don’t consider myself a professional either lol. If I ever need help on this project i’ll let you know! I don’t feel like you’re barging in at all!

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This look fantastic

it’s well written and it’s easy to read

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Very cool

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Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for the very cool feedback!

Seems really helpful! Bookmarked :heart:

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Nice progress, looking very good!! Have you thought about putting a tutorial section in? I know that a leveling guide is planned, but tutorials for new players who don’t know about a lot off stuff would be cool. There is a bunch of stuff on YouTube, but lets be honest; many of the videos are outdated, and some (no offense) aren’t that great. I’m not sure if Trello lets you have videos, but some tutorials that are all in one spot could be handy for many people. I was thinking of some things like; quest help (green gem, Jericho’s wheel), hidden hats (mushroom hat, aviator hat), and some important spawn locatios (the Yeti, Chad, or good farming locations).

Please don’t give any hate. I know a lot of players like to find things themselves, but there are some who would like help, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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I was actually planning on doing that later along the line! I first wanted to get the majority of things in first before moving onto things like tutorials/guides and i’d be sure to post them both on the Trello and here as well!

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You people are so far ahead of me lol. I should just stay in my little observatory corner and watch. :joy:

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Any help, recommendations, or suggestions are very helpful and sometimes useful! I highly appreciate the feedback you’ve given!

There’s not much to add to this current topic via an edit yet, however, I did want to let those who are interested know that there has been A LOT of work that has been put into the Trello currently. It has expanded from a solo-project to a team of three (with me still being the main contributor of course with minor help from the two other members this far) with all of use putting in work in other areas of the Trello.

The things I can remember off the top of my head that were added are:

  • A very minimalist guide and overview to Spider Queen dungeon.
  • Addition of tons of items, their sell yields, and if they stack, their max number of stack they have.
  • NPCs and Trainers with minor dialogue.
  • Classes/Subclasses/Factions having gifs (currently only the hunter part of the tree)
  • A slightly more detailed description for locations of Vesteria.

If there’s anything you’d like to see added into the Trello in the future let me know in a reply! Once all items are added i’m planning on taking off the “Under Construction” tag and moving forward to all the other aspects of the game and including tutorials/guides to specific things!

Thank you for the wonderful feedback and support this far!

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I can help you with dialog
and I usually remember and pay attention to dialog in-game

for example, Nightingale real name is Everett Raldez

and tell me your discord and we can talk privately without bumping this post

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Currently I am keeping my Discord private. However, you can message me through the forums using the message feature!

Alright there