A Total Wipe Is Necessary

I know people will disagree with me again like in all the previous data wipe posts I made, but this time there’s no beating around the bush, the developers can’t only wipe currency, they have to wipe all items.

Reasons For Wipe

The reasons should be obvious by now, they have been stated by players multiple times.

1. I am not allowed to go into detail on one of the reasons because the topic will be instantly closed and unlisted so I will only say it involves mob drops being screwed with, mobs being forced spawned and damage output being screwed with. All you have to know about this is that it allows an entire server of players to get an Icicle, Cursed Defense Scrolls and possibly a crown.

2. Internal Leak
This little accident should be very well known to basically everyone by now. To simplify, berezaa brought a group of random players into the internal server to hype up the new update, this went terribly wrong as the data block glitched out and players were able to smuggle out anything they want including unreleased items. I don’t have to explain why this will destroy the economy.

Effects Of A Total Wipe

The effects would be mostly positive in my opinion, the economy of Vesteria will be set straight again without any items being added in via unintended methods. There’s the argument that Vesteria’s playerbase will die out but this is false, the devoted players will never leave and the not so devoted ones will return after an interesting update is released as proven by the Booga Booga wipe last year, since the Mojo system was released at the same time it got wiped, a lot of players ended up staying. A ton of innocent Vesterians will lose their data but this is a needed sacrifice. You guys shouldn’t be whining about wipes as the richest players which are me and DroLrem are with data wipe, the player who has probably invested the MOST amount of time in Vesteria, Metapoly, also isn’t against a wipe.

To wrap this post up, the end is nigh, if a wipe doesn’t happen, Vesteria will definitely suffer heavily and basically end up like the Swordburst series. This problem can’t be solved with a simple rollback either as the data storage of Vesteria can’t do a full month rollback to solve the problems that the first reason brings.

This method will also be ineffective as it is impossible to tell if someone have a suspicious amount of gold. Only the developers can do that and they can’t run a check on everyone, so unless the developers let everyone see into each other’s inventory, I don’t think this method will be viable. The only way to save Vesteria is by patching all the known “unintended features”, add “Game Masters” to the game as soon as possible and wiping everything. Since berezaa is bold enough to suggest permadeath, wiping all items to save the game shouldn’t be hard.

Throwing in a poll here by request of Swegu, don’t sue me @Usa123578910usa lul

  • Wipe
  • Don’t wipe
  • Idk, I am too lazy to read this post.

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If you look at the community and its economy as a whole, a wipe would be really beneficial since it fixes the economy. But, from the perspective of a single player, it would be DEVASTATING. Although you may think players will get back into Vesteria after the wipe, even some devoted players would just rage quit Vesteria for good. I know that a wipe would probably be needed eventually, but I feel like there should be at least a few week notice, and the alpha players should get back their alpha gifts since it is not obtainable in game and exclusive to alpha players. I am do not strongly disagree or agree with wiping players, but a lot of preparations and things need to be considered since there are many effects of a wipe, both really good and really bad ones.

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While I agree with some, if not most of your points, there’s a few things I disagree with you on.

It’s actually quite the opposite. It’s approaching approximately a year now since Vesteria was released in alpha, and some players have been playing all that time. A year’s worth of progress typically translates to a lot of good items and a lot of money. If all data for everyone was to be wiped, that’s a year’s worth of progress gone. I know that many older players would quit for sure right there and then.

I know that I made pretty much the opposite argument for permadeath, but that’s because permadeath actually had ways to keep the majority of your good items and money if you were to die. Here, its just all gone, with no way to save it or get it back. Unlike permadeath, you’re not just starting a new slot with added benefits (think of it like a new game+), you’d be starting it with nothing to help you except your previous experience.

Sure, they might play for a couple minutes just to check it out, but you wouldn’t see them coming back permanently for quite a long while. I’d like to share here a rather embarrassing story from quite a while ago that really ties into this:

I played Miner’s Haven from day one of release pretty much up until it was announced that development would be stopped on Miner’s Haven to work on Vesteria. Of course, it wasn’t every day, but I’d check in pretty regularly just to see my base and maybe make some progress. There was a point; however, where I thought that I’d quite Miner’s Haven entirely, and that was when I accidentally deleted an Undead Guardian I had. Keep in mind, this was back when Mystery Boxes didn’t exist, so you had to actually buy it for 250Uc (the premium currency in Miner’s Haven for those unaware). That used to be quite a lot of Uc, and if I’m correct, it was one of the most expensive items in the premium shop. I was extremely upset, and so I didn’t play Miner’s Haven for months. Of course, I did eventually come back, but only after quite a bit of time had passed and I could move on from it.

Now imagine that experience, but for pretty much every Vesteria player. Sure, some would keep playing and try to get back on their feet, but many many more players would just flat out quit, some temporarily, some for good. It would essentially cause player numbers comparable to the current content drought we’re seeing, but much worse, probably averaging 50-100 players at any given time.

Of course, these are all just predictions, it’s possible that no one cares about their items or money and would be just as happy to start over dozens of times. But I don’t think that that’s the case.

This wouldn’t be a manual process, it would be automated. Just like how I assume that the developers didn’t manually check everyone the first week of beta to see if they had over 50 referrals or so.

Permadeath, as proposed is not even comparable to a full item/money wipe. In permadeath, there would be numerous ways to prevent losing everything and multiple systems in place to help you give yourself a boost when you would have died (such as Monster Book and Guilds). Here, it’s just “you’re restarting anew as if you never played the game at all, good luck!”

Let’s also address issues such as premium items and pets. What would happen to them? If you remove everyone’s premium items without saying anything, you’ve essentially scammed people, and the current pets are only obtainable through rare “drop” (Referral Envelope) or through the Alpha Gift, making the Baby Shroom Pet a lot harder to obtain (many people have already referred with alts and they wouldn’t be able to refer again) and making the Chicken Pet unobtainable (unless you haven’t already redeemed your alpha gift). Unless these issues were addressed, then it would be unwise to go through with it.

Other than that, yeah I mostly agree with your points. As long as some key issues were addressed (as mentioned previously) then I think a total wipe, while definitely problematic in terms of keeping player numbers up, would certainly help fix the economy. unless some exploiter has a way of spawning items or money in which case the economy is already dead and we may as well give up until it’s patched


just throwing this in here before anyone makes some false assumptions on what the wipe entails

Ngl, people were saying they would immediately quit the game if permadeath released, and others would immediately leave if they died while permadeath was in the game. Since, as you said, the actions of the wipe is similar to permadeath, it would cause both of the above mentioned groups to quit, as well as a lot of other players that weren’t thinking about quitting, like myself.

I think a better solution would be a money sink (which will be in the form of holy scrolls and guilds, Berezaa said holy scrolls would cost 1 - 2 gold) as well as the Game master program finally being implemented.

Levels are pretty much decorative at this point, and while I suppose it’s better to keep stat and skill points than lose them as well, it’s not much better since you’d have a stick and no armour to pair with them.

It makes it slightly better, but just barely.

Gamemasters should have a panel to inspect everyone in their server. Then be able to take action as needed.

Gamemasters should have the ability to exist. :frowning_face:

I too want my mace which I’ve had for months wiped. It’s not like I worked hard to get it.

I swear if I lose my 7+ glock named “Nilgarf Liberator” I’m quitting.

everyone loses tens or hundreds of hours of progress
weapon gone
armor gone
gotta grind back with a stick

not practical at all, imagine doing this before or after guilds. the playerbase would be split in half, or who knows, game might go down to 0. who would want to play a game that deliberately wiped everyone?

Thats nothing my +7 awp will be gone

Who would want to play a game that has a non-existent economy?

it has one. the developers are trying to fix it. more expensive items are to come which will drain the money of people.

We’re going to get money sinks, and pre-released weapons aren’t that big of a deal.

Base on the points above, the economy will die without a wipe, as not only money was brought into the game.

The solution, is like you said gamemasters. If just a couple of gamemasters are added, and they have the ability to see player inventories and stats, it would be all over for those people. I disagree that a total wipe is completely although I may be a bit biased because I don’t have the time to grind back up again, but a lot of people are going to quit as soon as it happens which should not be what anyone wants. In conclusion, a total wipe is not necessary and we just need to hold out until gamemasters.

But in your method, you state they won’t wipe immediately, and will ask the people with suspicious amount of stuff on how they got it, that’s a manual process. Another thing to keep in mind is that people can spread their wealth across slots/alts to avoid suspicion.

probably for the better if that happens. potm did lose 90g because berezaa didn’t see that the account was potm’s.

When berezaa was in PoTM for most of alpha but still doesn’t know about the bank. :thinking: